February 20, 2018

Indie Interview – Mike Wilcox

January 31, 2018 Jeff Scott 0

Indie Interview – Mike Wilcox This week we sit down and talk to Mike Wilcox responsible for The Fathom. If you like comics, and we’re sure you do, you’ll want to take a peek at […]

Len Wein

January 31, 2018 Jeff Scott 0

Len Wein The creator of Wolverine, Len Wein was born June 12, 1948, in New York City. 15 years later, during his time in high school, he began to realize how far the potential he […]

Ahsoka Tano (History) – Comic Basics

January 29, 2018 Joel Scott 0

Ahsoka Tano Real Name: Ahsoka Tano First Appearance: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Powers: Grey Jedi Affiliation: Galactic Republic, Jedi Order (formerly), Rebel Intelligence, Phoenix Squadron Enemies: Sith Love Interests: N/A Did You Know: Ahsoka […]

Indie Interviews – Killer Comics

January 26, 2018 Joel Scott 0

Indie Interviews – Killer Comics This week we sit down and talk to the awesome person Duncan Cunningham responsible for Killer Comics. If you like comics, and we’re sure you do, you’ll want to take […]

Masters of Evil

January 25, 2018 Joel Scott 0

Masters of Evil Name: Masters of Evil Founding Members: Baron Heinrich Zemo, Radioactive Man, Melter, and Black Knight First Appearance: Avengers #6 (July, 1964) Created By: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby Did You Know: The Avengers member, […]

John Romita Jr

January 19, 2018 Jeff Scott 0

John Romita Jr How does someone follow in their famous father’s footsteps? I mean, John Romita Sr. was and is a legendary artist known for his breathtaking work and ability to tell a story through […]

Martian Manhunter (History) – Comic Basics

January 18, 2018 Joel Scott 0

Martian Manhunter Real Name: J’onn J’onzz (John Jones) First Appearance: Detective Comics 225 (November, 1955) Powers: Shape-shifting, Invisibility, Phasing, Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability, and Stamina. Possesses Regenerative Powers, as well as Flight, Telepathy, and Enhanced […]

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