July 24, 2017

Iron Fist vs Spider-Man

Iron Fist vs Spider-Man

I thought with the new Netflix series coming up with Iron Fist to making its first appearance and the launching of Spider-man Homecoming why not let these two share a moment in the spotlight.

Iron fist vs Spider-man

I am a fan of both characters but my preference would be Iron Fist there is something cool about being able to channel on that energy and make your own massive boxing glove while kicking ass. Obviously, Spider-man has been around for a long time and is widely recognizable in the comic world. He is easily relatable to a lot of people in everyday things he goes through but that is on a teenager level. Whereas Iron Fist speaks more to an adult level being able to control one’s abilities and finding that inner peace.

Let’s look at their qualities and traits that bring them a fair shot against each other, shall we…

The Good

Iron Fist

  • Master Martial Artist
  • The Iron Fist the concentrated fist he uses from his inner chi
  • Enhanced physical traits
  • Healing Powers
  • Telepathic mind fusion


  • Superhuman strength, speed, and agility
  • High level of intellectual intelligence
  • “Spider-sense” warning of danger
  • Uses web-shooters from his wrists

The Not So Good

Iron Fist

  • awakening the power of Iron Fist leaves him physically and mentally drained for an extended period of time


  • Multiple villains that seem to want him done for
  • Important people in his life seem to be the main targets
  • Not being able to live a normal life as Peter Parker
  • Spider- sense not working properly
  • Certain Villains knowing his true identity
  • Taking on so many tasks at once

Experience versus Youth

I am going to give the slight edge to Iron Fist as he is older and has more experience as Peter Parker is still an adolescent teenager trying to find his place and where he belongs.

On the flip side of it Spider-man is a lot younger so he is a lot more flexible and agile to maneuver if Iron Fist should strike but I am still going with my first pick on Iron Fist.

Ultimately it would come down to endurance?

We know that Spiderman is quick on his feet and able to detect Iron Fist if his Spider Sense was working. The problem would be if his webbing would work against him as I am sure that would be engulfed in flames if Iron fist’s hand was lite up.

How do you defeat a guy that can’t get caught in your most used weapon the web shooter?

Maybe you go back to the drawing board and forfeit defeat. You could hope that your Spider like agility and speed can get close enough to hit him directly with a few kicks and punches.

If I was Spider-Man I would just sit back and avoid his Iron Fist attack and hopefully don’t get hit with it. If that is do able then you know he would be in a weaken state giving you the advantage to strike and hopefully get the win.

Reverse roles…

Eventually, Spidey will run out of webbing if he is to avoid Iron Fist’s martial arts techniques or sizing him up to deliver a knock out punch. If that’s the case, then this match would be over.

What if???

Spidey’s Spider Sense doesn’t kick in and Iron fist just comes around a corner and sends him half way across to Tahiti.

For the win…

Either way, my final verdict would be Iron Fist takes home this round and not to an easy victory. With his experience and fighting skills, it would be no match for Spidey with a superhero fist pump from Iron Fist to seal the fate of the wall crawler.

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