January 19, 2018

Punisher and Elektra

Anti-Heroes are a little more interesting than your traditional heroes; interesting in the sense that they are flawed, and go about their business in a way that isn’t entirely pure.

Take the Punisher for example.  Frank Castle is a man bent on revenge and would go to any length necessary to hand out his punishment.  He kills, beats, bludgeons and batters his opponents into submission, all to ensure that justice is served.

There is no way that you would ever see a man like Captain America seeking justice in this way.

Anti-Heroes can also be terrible to deal with.  They might come across as ignorant, unconcerned, insensible, or heartless, as in the case of Namor.

Whether you like them or not, Anti-Heroes add a much-needed flare to comic books.  Without them, we would simply have Good vs Bad.  With them, we have Good vs. Bad with a Shade of Grey in the middle.

Below are just a few of the characters to make this prestigious list.  Of course, as time passes, we will be adding more to the list.


Black Widow






Venom (Eddie Brock)

Winter Soldier


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