September 23, 2017

X-Factor 6Real Name: En Sabah Nur

First Appearance: X-Factor #5 as a Cameo (June, 1986), X-Factor #6, First Full Appearance (July, 1986)

Powers: Regeneration, Size Altering, Super Strength, Shape Shifting, Super Intelligence, Near Invulnerability and can Connect with Technology

Affiliation: Horseman of Apocalypse, Sandstorms, Alliance of Evil

Enemies: Everybody

Love Interests: Fen

Did You Know: Apocalypse is widely regarded as the first mutant.

A Little History

Perhaps you have stumbled here because of the X-Men: Apocalypse movie?

Perhaps you have stumbled here because of an intrigue of who Apocalypse is?

Perhaps you have stumbled here drunk?

I’m just glad you are here.

Apocalypse is one bad dude. He literally lives and dies by the “Only the strongest will survive” mantra.

He walks the walk and talks the talk.

Apocalypse’s story begins long ago.  Apocalypse was born on the edge of Egypt to a group of settlers know as the Akkaba.  Born with grey skin and blue eyes, he was quickly discarded and left to die in the desert sun.  Luckily for him, a band of passing by raiders, discarded the Akkaba and Bal, the leader, took Apocalypse in.  Bal, looking at this infant saw the potential power within him and raised him as his own.

In reality, he dodged death and got an amazing name at the same time.  Bal named him En Sabah Nur or “The First One”.

Being the first mutant, Apocalypse was the first to taste the hatred and resentment of humanity. The raiders all feared and despised him and his ‘powers’.

Bal, understanding what was to come of Apocalypse, confided in him that the current Pharoah of Egypt was not a god, but a mortal man who had arrived on a sphinx.

Determined to prove this true, Bal took his son to a cave.  The cave, unfortunately, would become blocked, trapping them in.

Weeks would pass and they would find a ship proving that the Pharoah was a fraud. With his last breath, Bal told Apocalypse that he thought he was to be the ruler.

Apocalypse would vow revenge for his father’s death.

Much like Russell Crowe in Gladiator, he would become a slave, learn his powers and begin his quest to overthrow the Pharaoh.

Thus far, the story of Apocalypse seems normal.

No, comic-book type events.

Nothing strange or unusual.

Nearly something you would read about in a textbook.

That is about to change.

Apocalypse 1As it turns out, the Pharoah is actually a time travelling being known as Kang.  Kang has gone back into time to find a young Apocalypse so that he may raise him as his own. By doing such, Kang would control the most powerful being ever created. The Pharoah pledged that Apocalypse would become his heir if he would remain loyal to him.  After refusing, the Pharaoh attempted to kill Apocalypse.

Big mistake.

Apocalypse’s power of immortality and size shifting kicked in, saving him. The Pharaoh, now Kang ran back to the future and Apocalypse took the throne.

Apocalypse would live throughout history unleashing death, destruction and devastation on the planet.
Fast forward to 1859 when Apocalypse would be awoken after centuries of hibernation (kind of like a bear during the winter).

The ones responsible for awakening him happened to be the Marauders.  Upon being awakened, they were ordered to take him to their leader, Nathaniel Essex.  Ever The Gambler, Apocalypse offered Essex great power and longevity so that he may continue his work in exchange for Nathaniel’s loyalty.

With a resounding ‘Yes’ Apocalypse began his work.  He asked Essex to create a plague that would destroy the weak ones of the world while requesting that Essex trade in his old, boring name and create a new one.  Essex adopted the moniker ‘Sinister’ after the final words from his wife’s mouth.

This new love-affair would not last as Mr. Sinister would betray Apocalypse.

ApocalypseApocalypse would go on to backhand Sinister (well not actually).  He saw the defiance as a sign of strength and warned him to not do it again.

As time would go on, Apocalypse would be awoken once again, this time by the birth of Nathan Summers or Cable.

This time, with his awakening, he had a holy sh!t moment.  He realized that the mutant population began to grow.

He thus began gathering down on their luck mutants to transform into his new Horseman, which included fan favorite, Angel.  Angel had just lost his wings, found himself in a plane explosion and ripe for the picking.

He turned Angel into the much cooler Archangel, granted him metallic wings, regeneration and increased strength, speed, and stamina.

What is the Age of Apocalypse?

The premise is simple…a mutant named Legion travels back in time to kill Magneto long before he can cause so much destruction on the planet.

Seems like a sound idea…

He fails miserably when he kills Charles Xavier instead.

This, in turn, sends the Marvel Universe into a tailspin.

Apocalypse wakes up early and assumes control over the world.

No Professor X = No X-Men.

Now, it needs to be known that the Marvel Universe has many different realities. This particular story takes place in an alternate reality, therefore not really affecting the most common reality in the Marvel Universe.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Born to a tribe called the Akkabah
  2. Left for dead in the desert
  3. Found and taken in by Bal of a group of Raiders
  4. Went on a mission to prove that the Pharaoh was a fake
  5. Bal dies, Apocalypse vows revenge
  6. Creates Sinister from Nathaniel Essex
  7. Sinister betrays Apocalypse
  8. Creates many renditions of the Horseman of Apocalypse
  9. Age of Apocalypse has Charles Xavier killed and Apocalypse takes over

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