July 21, 2017

More Fun Comics 73

Real Name: Arthur Curry

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73 (November, 1941)

Powers: Strength, Stamina, Agility, Healing, Telepathy and Mind Control of Aquatic Animals.

Affiliation: Justice League of America

Love Interests: Mera

Enemies: Black Manta, Plastic Rings That Hold Your 6 Pack of Beer Together

Did You Know: No matter how many jokes are made, Aquaman is an integral and founding member of the Justice League.

A Little History

If you have watched any of the recent parodies of Aquaman, you know that he gets his unfair share of ridicule in the comic world. Secondly, if you have read the Namor write up, you will know that Namor is a far more interesting character.

What you need to know is that he is one of the first true superheroes.

AquamanArthur Curry, the son of a lighthouse operator, while out and about found Atlanna, from Atlantis (I’m not making this up) after she had washed ashore in a hurricane.

At this time, the father did not know anything about Atlanna’s past. Only after the birth of their child, Arthur, did she confess.

  • At 10 months old, Arthur fell off the side of a boat and without fail, started to swim.
  • At the age of 2, he hit his head while in the water. Initially thought dead, he father searched tirelessly for him only to find him playing with Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo.
  • Shortly thereafter, Arthur began interacting with all sea creatures.

Unable to hide the truth anymore (and dying) Atlanna told her husband about her existence and that she had been exiled from Atlantis because of her desire to visit the outside world.

Seeing his potential, his father did what any father would do and built him a giant aquarium to play in.

Aquaman 1Following her death, Arthur’s abilities continued to grow. He had learned that not only could he talk to the sea life, but he could control them as well. Through his powers, he rose up the ranks and became ruler of the seas.

In 1989 Guns and Roses reigned supreme on land and in the water, Atlantis found itself under  Totalitarian Rule. It was so bad that when Arthur finally found Atlantis, he was taken, prisoner. While in prison, he would learn to speak Atlantian and be forced to wear their prison clothes. Unlike the traditional orange outfits you are probably visualizing, he dawned a very flattering green pant with an orange top. This, of course, would go on to become his most well-known costume.

Proving he is not as intelligent as you may think, eventually, he would escape…only to return. Upon his return, he learned that Atlantis had overthrown the Totalitarian Regime, his friend who taught him to speak Atlantian was its ruler and that he was now destined to rule.

Perhaps, Aquaman has become the butt of all jokes because he has done things like:

  1. Opened a hospital in the sea for the sea creatures
  2. Had a mullet
  3. Only has a power that is useful in an area where man can’t exist

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Namor is better
  2. Born to a Human and an Atlantian
  3. Developed “sea” powers as a baby/child
  4. Mom dies and tells him where she is from
  5. Father builds him a giant aquarium to swim in
  6. Goes to Atlantis and is captured
  7. Learned the language and escape
  8. Not learning the first time, returns to Atlantis
  9. Learns that he is to become ruler
  10. Founding member of The Justice League of America

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