September 23, 2017

Strange Tales 111Real Name: Karl Mordo

First Appearance: Strange Tales 111 (August, 1963)

Powers: Energy Projection, Matter Transformation, Teleportation, Illusions, Travel to and From Other Dimensions and Time Travel.

Love Interests: Lilia (mother of his only daughter)

Enemies: Doctor Strange

Did You Know: Has a daughter named Astrid Mordo

A Little History

Baron Karl Mordo is the Yang to Dr. Stephen Strange’s Yin.

If I said the word Transylvania to you, what image would you conjure up?


Born in Transylvania, Karl Mordo would gain an interest in magic from his Grandfather. To expand on his limited knowledge, he would travel to Tibet to train with The Ancient One.

Under the tutelage of The Ancient One, he would learn Occult Magic, but fearing his lust for power, The Ancient One would keep a faithful eye on him. Over time, Mordo would be joined in the mountains by Stephen Strange and they would both receive teachings from The Ancient One.

Feeling immediate competition, Mordo concocted a spell that ultimately backfired, leaving Strange to become the #1 student of The Ancient One. This would not dissuade Mordo from continuing his learning as over time, he would become one of the most intense rivals to Dr. Strange.

Baron MordoOver the course of the next little while, Mordo and Strange fought numerous times with Strange beating him most of the time. In one such instance, Mordo used mind control on The Ancient One’s assistant, having him poison The Ancient One. Sensing his master was in trouble, Strange battled Mordo, beating him while saving The Ancient One.

While it should be obvious that Strange is more magically gifted than Mordo, you should understand that Mordo proves over and over again that Strange is intellectually inferior. In fact, one might say that Strange is a little gullible. Throughout their long history, Mordo has tricked Strange into falling into his traps. Three instances come to mind:

  1. Strange was lured to England to help a fellow mystic. Instead, however, he would find another mystic and Mordo waiting to attack
  2. Mordo tricked Strange into leaving his body (in his spirit form). You see, Mordo understood that if Strange left his body for more than a day, he would die. Mordo then trapped Strange, who would rely on his master, The Ancient One, to save him…which of course, he did.
  3. Mordo would create a miniature version of Strange’s home.  When Strange arrived at his ‘home’ to an unknown dimension.  Like every other plan, this failed miserably.

Over the years, Mordo and Strange have gone toe-to-toe in singles contests and like The Outsiders, have paired up with partners to do battle.

In one of many such instances, Mordo would ‘team up’ with Dormammu (who had taken over the body of his Grandfather so that he may appear on Earth). As you probably guessed, Strange won.

You don’t need to know too much about Baron Mordo. In fact, learning too much might cause you to seizure and have convulsions.

What you do need to know is that he has been a thorn in the side of Dr. Strange for years and will be going forward. At this time of this writing, he is slated to be the main protagonist in the upcoming Dr. Strange movie.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Yang to Dr. Strange’s Yin
  2. Student of The Ancient One
  3. Ends up second to Dr. Strange under The Ancient One
  4. Poisons The Ancient One
  5. Creates numerous plans to best Strange, but always fails
  6. Like The Outsiders teams up with various common enemies to best Strange.
  7. Fails again
  8. Learning too much would cause seizures and convulsions
  9. Protagonist in upcoming movie

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