July 24, 2017

Captain America 168Real Name: Helmut and Heinrich Zemo

First Appearance: Heinrich – Avengers 4 (March, 1964)

First Appearance: Helmut – Captain America 168 (December, 1973)

Powers: Slow Aging.  Gifted scientist, Marksman, and Swordsman

Affiliation: Former Thunderbolts, Masters of Evil

Love Interests: Heinrich – Hilda Zemo

Love Interests: Helmut – Heike Zemo

Enemies: Captain America, Avengers

Did you know: There has been a grand total of 13 Zemo’s throughout history

A Little History

This biography will cover 2 versions of Baron Zemo:

  1. Heinrich Zemo – Father to Helmut
  2. Helmut Zemo – Son of Heinrich

The first Zemo to be named Baron came to us way back in 1480. This version of Zemo was known as Harbin Zemo and single-handedly fought off some raiders. By doing this, he earned the title of Baron. Harbin was known for his bravery, but more so known for his bloodthirsty and violent ways.

Fast forward 400 years and the 12th and we would witness the next Zemo in line to be Heinrich, who if you remember from just a few short sentences ago, fathered a son named Helmut.

Avengers 6Helmut, born in 1930, became fascinated with all things America. This included, but was not limited to Horror Films and Comic Books (and he can’t be blamed for this., who doesn’t like comic books?)

While young Helmut was reading comics, his father, Heinrich, was busy becoming a leading scientist in Hitler’s army.  Heinrich would become responsible for the development of 3 key things:

  1. The Death Ray…yes…the death ray
  2. Adhesive X (a virtually irremovable adhesive)
  3. Compound X (somewhat akin to Rodan and Fields. This revolutionary product seemingly defies aging through its anti-aging creams and moisturizers).

Before we continue, you should know that Adhesive X is responsible for two things and 1 thought:

  1. Heinrich glued his mask to his own face during a battle with Captain America
  2. Helmut fell in a batch of it and ended up with a disfigured face
  3. They are both idiots

Heinrich would gain praise from his family while hatred from the Allies during the War for the part he played in the War.  As a result of the Allies winning the war, Heinrich wound up disgraced.

Helmut, unaffected by his father’s failure, continued to aid him.

With Captain America and Bucky seemingly killed in an airplane explosion, Helmut retreated to the Amazon where he began to study science.  Time would pass and as with all characters in the comics, Captain America returned, resulting in further battles between Heinrich, his Masters of Evil and Captain America and the Avengers.

As stated above, it was determined that the Zemo’s are idiots. To further emphasize this point, he accidently killed himself during one such battle with Captain America.

Helmut consequently blamed Captain America for his father’s death, underwent combat training and took up the guise of Baron Zemo.

To repeat, stated above, it was determined that the Zemo’s are idiots. Once again, to give clarity to this point, during a battle he was accidently knocked into a vat of Adhesive X.

Over time, Zemo would take up partnerships with the likes of the Red Skull, Arnim Zola, Batroc and his Brigade, as well as his Masters of Evil.

Baron ZemoThere would even be a time when the Masters of Evil would masquerade as heroes under the title, “The Thunderbolts.” Zemo would use this advantage to gain public trust and resources until he deemed such a time that he could lash out. His problem occurred when he did not account for the fact that his Masters of Evil, might have actually enjoyed being a hero.  In this instance, this is exactly what happened. They wound up turning on him, ruining his plans and showing once again, that he is just a bumbling idiot.

Look, all in all, the Zemo’s have a long line of Barons. The problem is that through all the incarnations of them, they have not learned how to be intelligent. Until this day comes, they will continue to toil away as ‘B-List’ villains.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Heinrich, the father, was the 12th Baron
  2. Helmut was the 13th
  3. Come from a lineage of idiots
  4. Heinrich glued a mask to his face
  5. Heinrich accidently killed himself
  6. Helmut fell in a vat of glue
  7. The vat disfigured his face
  8. Fought and lost to Captain America over and over
  9. Created the Thunderbolts to gain public affection
  10. His villainous friends turned on him, spoiling his plans
  11. Idiot

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