July 24, 2017

Detective Comics 27Real Name: Bruce Wayne

First Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (May, 1939)

Powers: None. Genius Level Intellect, More Than Capable Detective

Affiliation: Justice League of America, Outsiders

Love Interests: Selina Kyle, Talia al Ghul

Enemies: Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Harley Quinn, More or Less, The Who’s Who of Enemies.

Did You Know: There have been 8 actors to dawn the Batman Costume on screen:

  1. Lewis G Wilson
  2. Robert Lowrey
  3. Adam West
  4. Michael Keaton
  5. Val Kilmer
  6. George Clooney
  7. Christian Bale
  8. Ben Affleck

A Little History

Making his appearance in Detective Comics 27 away back in 1939, Batman has always led a double life. By day his is millionaire Bruce Wayne and when the sun goes down, he becomes Batman at night. While an instant success, his origin would not be revealed until Detective Comics 33, 6 issues after his debut.

You probably know that Batman has the most over-told origin story in comics.

For whatever reason, each movie that comes out with Batman in it finds it necessary to jam his story down the throats of the audience. I actually don’t think I need to tell it to you, but I was always told to not fix something that isn’t broken, so here we go.

Bruce, along with his parents, Thomas and Martha were walking home one evening from a movie. During their walk, a robber held them up and with a quick pull of a gun followed by of few bullets, Bruce watched as his parents were slain.

In the aftermath of their murder, Bruce made a vow to wage a war on crime and avenge the death of his parents. He would then spend the next number of years preparing for it. He would train to become a Scientific Criminal Expert, and train his body for the physicality of his new role.

Batman 2Realizing that the suit and tie persona of Bruce Wayne could not possibly strike fear into his enemies, he sought out to find a disguise that would. In what can only be described as a shocking turn of events, at that exact moment, a bat flew through the open window, thus inspiring Bruce to base his costume around a bat.

Over the years, Batman would befriend and team up with Commissioner James Gordon, his Butler, Alfred and even take on a trusted sidekick in Robin (who, at one point, would watch die).

Eventually, his quest for his parent’s murderers would lead him to a small-time crime boss named Joe Chill. Disguising himself as a seagull in the water (I can’t possibly make this up), Batman snuck aboard Chill’s boat. In their confrontation, he would reveal that he was the boy left orphaned by the murder all those years ago. He would proceed let Chill go under the promise that he would be watching his every move and would be there to arrest him the moment he broke the law.

If you think justice is dead, this may change your mind.

Chill attempted to get his gang to assist him in disposing of Batman, but in a twist of irony, they would kill him, blaming him for the creation of Batman.

With Chill out of the picture, Batman would carry on his mission to protect Gotham from its criminals and place each one of them in Arkham Asylum time and time again.

Batman 1Soon after, a new breed of violence took to the streets of Gotham, leading to his most famous nemesis, The Joker (there is an interesting post about the Joker’s existence over here) surfacing.

From his beginning, Batman has endured as one of comic books most iconic characters. He will forever be a cash-cow for DC as his fans simply can’t get enough.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Overtold origin story
  2. Go watch Batman Begins, Batman, Batman v. Superman or any other movie to hear about it
  3. Finds his parent’s murder
  4. Approaches Joe Chill and tells him to watch out
  5. Cronies kill Joe Chill
  6. Continues to protect Gotham
  7. The Joker and many other surface
  8. He is a cash-cow

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