August 20, 2017

Uncanny X-Men 1Real Name: Henry (Hank McCoy)

First Appearance: X-Men #1 as Beast (September 1963). Amazing Adventure Volume 2, #11 as Furry Beast (March 1972)

Powers: Super Strength, Agility, Endurance, and Speed

Affiliation: X-Men, X-Factor, Avengers, Defenders,

Enemies: Most Avenger and X-Men enemies

Love Interests: Linda Donalson, Jennifer Nyles, Cecilia Reyes and Trish Tilby

Did You Know: Hank McCoy is accomplished in Biochemistry and Genetics.

A Little History

Yes, Hank is a mutant.  Yes, Hank has been feared, hated and ridiculed for being one and yes, he is ok with that.

Hank’s father, Norton worked at a nuclear power plant. Unsuspecting of anything going on, Norton was exposed to a tremendous amount of radiation which affected his genes.   Not thinking anything about it, his wife, Edna and he turned the lights down low, the Barry White up and became pregnant.

Because of the constant exposure, Norton was under, Hank was born with rather large hands and feet (and you know what they say about a guy with big feet)

This led to his classmates giving him the nickname ‘Beast’.

Hank’s large hands and feet allowed him to excel in sports; particularly football. One day while on the field, Hank noticed a group of robbers running away.  His large appendages allowed him to easily subdue the criminals.  This would garner the attention of the villain, Conquistador…yes…you read that right…the Conquistador…

Beast 2As almost always, the X-Men would arrive, save the day, and offer a spot on the team to Hank.

While at the Xavier institute, Hank was able to complete his doctoral studies, graduate and take up a position as a genetic researcher. He would work under Carl Maddicks (who really isn’t important…in fact you can probably forget his name altogether).

During an experiment, Hank found the hormonal extract responsible for mutation and took his finding to Carl.  Little did Hank know, Carl was planning to steal top secret information.  Learning this, Hank took it upon himself to stop him.


He did what any person would do and took the extract.

This caused Hank to gain a heightened level of agility and strength (which if you ask me, is pretty awesome).  He also developed fangs, pointed ears, and grew fur all over his body (not so awesome).  What’s worse is that as time passed he could not revert back to his original form.

Shortly after this, Hank would join the ranks of the Avengers, first on a temporary basis and then full time.  Always one to attempt peace, Hank thought that by joining the Avengers he would ease the tension between the humans and mutants.

This, of course, would fail miserably proving that smarts aren’t everything.

Hank would become a founding member of another team when he would join his original X-Men teammates as a part of the group, X-Factor.

Remember Carl?

Yeah, the guy I told you to forget?  Sorry, but I need you to remember him.

Carl, thinking he had discovered a ‘cure’ for mutation captured Hank and utilized the cure on him.   Not only did it not ‘cure’ Hank, but it actually reverted him back to his non-furry form.

Beast 1Once the X-Factor disbanded, Hank returned to the X-Men and once again took up the role as the resident genius.

Later on, Hank would go on to join the X-treme X-Men.  During this time, he was nearly killed if it weren’t for a teammate named Tessa.  Tessa used her mutant power to accelerate Hank’s mutation, healing him, while at the same time, giving him added bulk and taking on a more animal type look (which by the way is the best-looking incarnation of Beast).

Which, ladies and gentlemen, is where we are now.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Father, Norton, was exposed to high levels of radiation
  2. Due to exposure, Hank was born with large feet and hands
  3. Became exceptional at sports and was scouted by the villain, the Conquistador
  4. X-Men save him and he joins
  5. Took his hormonal extract resulting in a more fuzzy form of Beast
  6. Joined Avengers
  7. Leaves and forms X-Factor
  8. Saved by Tessa as a member of X-treme X-Men
  9. Tessa’s powers result in Beast becoming more animal like

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