February 25, 2018

5 Undeniable Reasons We Will and Won’t See Bucky as Captain America

5 Undeniable Reasons We Will and Won’t See Bucky as Captain America

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has run rampant with speculation as to what will happen at the conclusion of Phase 4. Will Bucky assume the role of Captain America, will it go to Sam Wilson, or will it go vacant. While, I believe Bucky is the perfect fit for it, many would argue against me. In an effort to see this argument from both sides, I have taken it upon myself to create reasons his will and reasons he won’t…5 to be exact.

I now bring those reasons to you.

5 Undeniable Reasons We Will and Won’t Se Bucky as Captain America…

Will – Obvious choice

Who else could possibly take up the mantle? The movies have done a fantastic job of grooming Bucky for the role. 

It’s no secret that Chris Evans has enjoyed his time as the Star-Spangled Man but he has made it publicly known that he wishes to do more than play the same character over and over again. Sabastian Stan, on the other hand, has embraced his role and doesn’t seem to be bothered by continuously playing the same character. Seeing this, did Kevin Feige strategically create a longer contract for Stan? Think about it. While Chris Evans has a movie contract that is set to expire, Sebastian Stan has one that seems to last forever.

Won’t – Not a lead character

If before the comic book boom, Iron Man was a B-List character, then Bucky was an E-List character. Plainly put, Bucky is not a lead character.  And Bucky as Captain America is the same. He does not sell books, nor do people line up to watch him on film. While he has had a few books released over the years with his name on it, none have lasted all that long. And when you compare them to the Captain America run, he doesn’t stand a chance. 

While he is one of my favorite characters, his character development is paper thin. Sadly, rather than branching out and really laying the foundation for what this character could be, Marvel has stuck to making him a man running from his past, a man trying to come to terms with what he is, or a man attempting to make amends with those he has hurt.

Will – Best friends

“I’m with you till the end of the line, pal.”

This line…this ever-so repetitive line has become the defining pledge that Steve Rogers and James Barnes made to one another. These two have been through the literal definition of “thick and thin”. They’ve fought a war, each “died”, both been resurrected, battled one another and through it all remained friends.

I can’t speak for you, but I only have a handful of people in my life that would still be around after any of these.

Won’t – Sam Wilson

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Sam Wilson is the current comic book version of Captain America and some would argue, the next in line in the movies. He would provide the diversity that the MCU so desperately needs and is in perfect alignment with what is happening in the comics.

During his time in the movies, he has filled in nicely as the best friend to Steve Rogers.  Not only is he incredibly loyal to Steve and the cause, the two share a very similar path in the military and a perfectly aligned belief system. If this were the only reason, we will not see Bucky as Captain America. We will see Sam Wilson as Captain America.

Will – Movies have shown him with shield

Case closed. For this reason, we will see Bucky as Captain America.

Or will we?

On more than one occasion, Bucky has been shown either holding the shield, throwing the shield, catching the shield, or using it as a weapon. This evidence should be enough to convince anyone that he will assume the star-spangled spandex. Whether it’s foreshadowing or not,  Kevin Feige and company are doing a bang up job in presenting it as such.

Won’t – Off and on wanted fugitive

Bucky’s is a fugitive. Make no mistake, if given the chance, the America government would do everything in their power to prevent him from becoming their national icon. Contrary to the comics, the Civil War movie was based on Bucky killing the parents of Tony Stark. At the conclusion of the comic book version of Civil War, it is Tony requesting that Bucky take up the mantle. I just can’t see that happening in the movies. Especially not if the two hate each other as much as it appears.

Will – Has been Cap’s main focus throughout the films

Not one, not two films, but three films have followed the Bucky and Rogers storyline. In The First Avenger, the foundation is laid for exactly how special their relationship is. The Winter Soldier saw the realization that Bucky is not only still alive but not the same person he once knew. Civil War followed the two as they made every effort possible to rekindle their relationship and fight to prove Bucky’s innocence.

Surely, after all the two have been through and how much Steve respects him, Bucky will be the first in line if he should fall?

Won’t – Can’t lead Avengers

Unlike Steve Rogers, Bucky is not a leader. He does not command the same attention and respect as Steve. The Avengers look to Steve for his wisdom, guidance, and he unwavering commitment to doing what’s right.


Well, no one looks to Bucky for any of those. The team, The Avengers don’t look at Bucky the same way that they look at Steve. They look at him for the things he has done and not what he can do. Unfortunately, he is a victim of his past and until this changes, he will not lead any team, let alone The Avengers.

Will – No longer has the Russian Red star on his arm

It would be tough to become Captain America with the Russian Star on your shoulder. Thankfully, after just one movie with it, the MCU did away with it and now appears poised to really exploit his patriotism. We know that after Civil War, he is left without an arm. However, after the release of the Infinity War trailer, we also know he gets one back. 

It is easy to believe that it has been replaced during his time on Wakanda, but like the shield made from its Vibranium, have the Wakandan’s give more to Bucky and his arm? Perhaps, like the shield that Steve has sported in the comics, he has also been given a shield that appears out of some form of arm attire?

Won’t – Still has long hair

This may seem stupid but I’m gonna leave you thinking about his long hair. Just before we saw Bucky as Captain America, he cut his hair. And in the movies…well, his ever-so luscious locks still flow.

And now I leave it to your endless deliberation. Will we see Bucky as Captain America, or will he remain as Bucky?




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