July 24, 2017

Captain America 1Real Name: Steve Rogers

First Appearance: Captain American (March, 1941)

Powers: Increased Strength, Speed and Agility (due to Super Soldier Serum)

Affiliation: Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Defenders

Enemies: Hydra, A.I.M, Crossbones, Batroc the Leaper, Baron Blood, Red Skull and Baron Zemo

Love Interests: Peggy Carter, Agent 13 (Sharon Carter)

Did You Know:

  • Sebastien Stan (Bucky in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) tried out and was thought to play Captain America before Chris Evans in the movies.
  • Captain America as a character is 75 years old
  • There have been 9 people to take on the role and a handful more to appear in just an issue or two of Captain America

A Little History

Picture this…it is the year 1941 and the world is at War. We are in the middle of World War 2 and the powers that be are reluctant to send the troops across the pond. Patriotism is at a standstill and something needs to kick start it.

Enter Timely Comics!

Enter Captain America!

The War was going so-so for the Allies and the country needed a symbol hope, freedom, and justice. With a swift sucker-punch to the jaw of Adolf Hilter, Captain America (Steve Rogers) provided such hope, freedom and justice.

Steve Rogers was the epitome of the American man. He believed, like every man, he belonged overseas fighting the good fight.  Steve Rogers was the hope that the common man could help out.  Steve Rogers was the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel.”  The problem was that Steve Rogers was your run of the mill, average, scrawny underdog, deemed unfit for the army.

Bet you’re curious as to how he ended up punching Hilter on the Jaw, aren’t you?

Approached by Dr. Erskine, Steve was given the opportunity of a lifetime. He was asked and agreed to partake in an experiment that any man would Captain America 1want.  He became the ultimate Super Soldier.  Yes ladies, super in every way.

The serum took him from a skinny, weak toothpick to the REAL MAN we know him as now.

The Timely comics version of Captain America (now Marvel comics) would run from 1941 to 1950, with a tiny revival happening in 1953. He would literally be put on ice until 1964.

Now, in the Silver Age of Comics, Captain America made his triumphant return to mainstream comics in the popular comic title, Avengers.  He would come back in Avengers #4 (March, 1964) when the Avengers found him frozen in a block of ice in the North Atlantic. You see, in his final battle, he and Bucky (James ‘Buchannan’ Barnes) would be thrown from an exploding airplane only to land in the water below.

Unfortunately for the Captain, he would learn that his longtime companion and best friend Bucky had perished during the war.

Captain America would ascend to his rightful spot to lead the Avengers in the iconic Avengers #16 (May, 1965).

Cap, like all good men, would be bitten by the love bug.

Believe it or not, he would fall for Peggy Carter in his time period and then once thawed out, he would fall for her niece, Agent 13 (Sharon Carter)…

Makes you wonder his morality, doesn’t it?

Avengers 4In the 1970’s the world would be introduced to his now longtime friend Sam Wilson (Falcon). This pairing proved to be so popular with the audience that the two of them would share a comic title together (Captain American and The Falcon).

Over the years, various things would happen to Cap, most of which are inconsequential.

His story takes a turn for the better when Ed Brubaker takes control of the character.

Ed Brubaker introduced the world to a character called “The Winter Soldier.” As his story would unfold we would learn that the Winter Soldier was his former sidekick (and no, I don’t mean the Lipton’s Noodles N’ Sauce kind).  It would be revealed that he was Bucky!

Yes, Marvel itself broke its Bucky rule.

No longer was the sanctity of the “No one stays dead in comics except for Bucky” ironclad.  As with the previous incarnation of Bucky, this version would come to play a huge role in the Captain America Universe.  He would eventually dawn the Stars and Stripes and be one of a few characters to take up the Captain America mantle.

I believe that you might just be here to learn about Civil War (seeing that the movie is now out)?

Well, sound the trumpet! I’ve got your answers below…

In the Civil War story, Captain America finds himself pitted against his longtime friend and ally, Iron Man.  In the aftermath of an explosion caused by an enhanced human, the world cries for Superhero Registration.

Naturally, Cap opposes the act stating that it against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that exposing the heroes places them in constant danger.

Iron Man is for the registration, so much that it is decided that if it were pushed through, there would be a Superhero put in every state.

Battles and destruction ensue ultimately leading Captain America to surrender.  Captain America could not watch all the destruction happening around him and realized the only was to end the War was to surrender.

When his court date came, he would be assassinated on the footsteps of the courthouse, by his girlfriend, Sharon Carter!

This move sent shockwaves across the United States (in the real world).

How could Marvel Comics kill off the beloved Captain America?

People scrambled to pick up copies of this issue.

It was covered in infinitum on the news stations.

People cried.

People cared.

People were deceived.

Obviously, Cap comes back (remember the now defunct Bucky rule).

Upon the good Captain’s return, he asks Bucky to continue to be Captain America, stating that he wants to lay low and relax.

Don’t’ worry though…eventually, Steve takes on the role again.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Scrawny Steve was deemed unfit for military
  2. Undertook an experiment
  3. Became Super Soldier
  4. Had a sidekick named Bucky
  5. Falls into a cold bath
  6. Revived by Avengers
  7. Leads Avengers
  8. Befriends Sam Wilson
  9. Opposes registration in Civil War
  10. Shot and killed by his girlfriend, Sharon Carter
  11. Bucky takes on role of Captain America
  12. Steve returns

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