July 24, 2017

The Flash 117Real Name: George Harkness

First Appearance: The Flash #117 (December, 1960)

Powers: Possesses an Arsenal of Boomerangs

Affiliation: Rogues Gallery, Suicide Squad, Secret Society of Super Villains

Enemies: The Flash, Kangeroo’s

Did You Know: Captain Boomerang is set to be brought to life in Suicide Squad by Jai Courtney.  Jai Courtney also played Kyle Reese in Terminator Genisys

A Little History

One of the more ridiculous of characters in the DC Universe, Captain Boomerang hails from, you guessed it, Australia.

The illegitimate son of an American toy-maker and an Australian named Betty, George was raised in a life of poverty.  As a consequence of his mother’s transgressions, George grew up being hated by his stepfather, Ian.

While in school, George did what most Australians do (not actually), and crafted a boomerang.  While using the boomerang, he soon realized that he had tremendous skill with it.

Like most teenagers, George found himself in a bit of trouble when he and a friend attempted to rob a store.  His stepfather Ian found out and threw him out of his house.

Captain Boomerang 2Seeing the turmoil that her son was in, his mother Betty provided him with a plane ticket and instructed him to get into contact with a man named Wiggins (his illegitimate father).

As luck would have it and what is probably a shock to you, Wiggins was searching for a spokesman for his new product (a boomerang) and George fit the bill.

Wiggins supplied George with a costume and gave him his ridiculous name, Captain Boomerang.

Noticing that the job didn’t pay too well, George took it upon himself to use his formidable boomerang skills to start robbing jewelry stores.  This would grab the attention of The Flash, who as you’ll see, occasionally lacks intelligence.

The Flash would be convinced by Captain Boomerang that he was being impersonated and would starve if convicted of the crime.  Thus, he let him go.

Captain Boomerang 1The next time they encountered each other, Captain Boomerang hurled a boomerang at The Flash, knocking him out.  He then tied him to his Rocket Boomerang and sent it off into space.  Luckily The Flash awoke and quickly (pun intended) freed himself and captured him.

Unlike most members of the Suicide Squad, George is completely fine with who he is.  Unfortunately, he is morally deficient and because of this, he often collides with other members of the team.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Illegitimate son on an American and an Australian.
  2. Hated by stepfather
  3. Learns to craft boomerangs
  4. Becomes skilled with boomerangs
  5. Rob a store
  6. Gets kicked out of house
  7. Takes a job as a boomerang specialist
  8. Robs stores
  9. Proves that The Flash isn’t too intelligent
  10. Sends The Flash into space
  11. Ends up in jail
  12. Sexist pig

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