July 21, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man 361Real Name: Cletus Kasady

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #344 (February, 1991) as Cletus Kasady, Amazing Spider-Man #360 (March, 1992) as Carnage

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Stamina. Has a resistance to injury and possesses Healing Abilities. Can create weapons that can be detached and thrown as well as weapons that remain attached from the Symbiote. Can also reduce Spider-Man’s “Spider Sense”.

Affiliation: None. This Bad@ss works alone

Enemies: Spider-Man, Venom

Did you know: Cletus Kasady was actually modelled after DC’s, The Joker

A Little History

If you remember anything from what I am about to tell you, remember this. Cletus Kasady/Carnage is a terrible man, unlike The Simpson’s character, Cletus, who is stupid.

Before he even became Carnage he was a serial killer.

In fact, it was due to this and a little dumb luck that he became Carnage.

Cletus Kasady grew up in a “normal” house where his father killed his wife after she attempted to kill Cletus.

On the occasional Sunday evening, Cletus, like most of us, can be found in the cemetery digging up his mother’s corpse.

In the aftermath of all the above, he would be sent to a home for boys, where he proceeded to set it on fire, kill the resident disciplinarian and kill a girl who refused to date him.

Imprisoned in jail, he would be fortunate in his cellmate. He wound up sharing a cell with Eddie Brock (Venom).

Venom had recently been beaten by Spider-Man and his Symbiote had come looking for him. When it found him in jail, it decided to break him out.

Carnage 1During this time, the Symbiote decided that it would give a Red Offspring that would bond with Cletus. Contrary to Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, where the Symbiote bonded with them, the new Red Symbiote entered the bloodstream of Cletus and became one with him (which if you like the Spice Girls, is like their song, “Two Become One”).

The newly escaped Cletus, began a Manhattan-wide killing spree, leaving behind the calling card of, The Wet Bandits. Well, actually, he left behind his name on the walls, which he spelt out with his own blood.

Unsure what to do, Spider-Man did what he thought to be best.  He formed an alliance with Venom and through the healing power of music and the song “We Are The World,” destroyed the Symbiote, or so they thought.

Like a drunk bouncing from person to person looking to ‘score’, the Symbiote eventually found its way back to Cletus, but not before ‘attaching’ itself to a whole host (no pun intended) of others (Silver Surfer, Dr. Octopus, and Ben Reily).

Unable to cope with being alone, during the time that the Symbiote was gone, Cletus wore red paint as if to be Carnage and continued killing.

On one such occasion that the Symbiote left, Cletus’s body quickly aged and wore down. As father time caught up with him, it became apparent to Cletus that he could not function.  Seeing the mess that Carnage 2
Cletus had become,
the Symbiote once again bonded to him, quickly healing him.

If you haven’t gotten it by now, the Symbiote and Cletus have a rocky relationship that not even marriage counselling could save.

The only other things you should have a clue about are:

  1. The Symbiote is a part of Cletus. Through his bloodstream, it has managed to fuse with him. This is unlike Venom where it is something that joins him.
  2. He has currently been “killed” in the comics having been taken to space and ripped apart be a being called Sentry. As I am certain you are aware, this won’t last. NO ONE stays dead in the comics.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Watches father kill mother
  2. Father goes to jail
  3. Kills Grandmother
  4. Goes on killing spree
  5. Cletus goes to jail
  6. Shares a cell with Venom
  7. Venom’s Symbiote released an offspring
  8. Offspring joins Cletus
  9. Goes on killing spree
  10. On again, off again relationship
  11. “Dead”

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