February 17, 2018

Top 10 Cartoons I Watched While Growing Up


I love cartoons.

I think at this point that is fairly obvious.

And there is a special place in my heart for a very specific set of cartoons.

Saturday morning was special for me. My brother and I would go to bed on Friday, giddy with what was coming the next morning. The line up started at 8 and went all the way until noon.

As I sat back and reflected on my childhood mornings I thought that it would make a great post.

Understand that by today’s standards these timeless shows might be considered cheesy, but isn’t that what makes them timeless? 


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  1. My top ten would be: 1.Thundercats 2.Transformers 3.Classic Spider-Man 4.Classic Tom and Jerry 5.GI Joe 6.Astroboy 7.The Real Ghostbusters 8.Star Wars Droids 9.He-Man and The Masters of The Universe 10.Robotech
    I could name soo many more that I used to watch, and we only had “farmer-vision”!!

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