July 24, 2017

Fiona Staples

November 23, 2016 Joel Scott 0

Fiona Staples is without a doubt one of my favorite artists. Not only is her art world class, but she is a fellow Canadian. Staples was born in Calgary, Alberta and attending the Alberta College […]

Jim Steranko

September 1, 2016 Joel Scott 0

How could Marvel Comics have known that when they hired Jim Steranko in 1966, they would be hiring one of the most influential and innovative comic creators of all time? Born November 5, 1938, Jim […]

Neal Adams

August 19, 2016 Joel Scott 0

He has some of the most highly sought after and collectible comic book work in the market today. He is responsible for some of the most important work in Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and […]

Jack Kirby

June 14, 2016 Joel Scott 0

Jack “King” Kirby is one of, if not the most influential comic book illustrators of all time. If not, all time, certainly, his time. His work began in the Golden Age of Comics (c. 1938 […]

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