February 24, 2018

Darkseid (History) – Comic Basics

October 8, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Darkseid Real Name: Prince Uxas First Appearance: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (November, 1970) Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and longevity. Can fly and teleport. Possesses Omega Powers and uses his Omega Beams. Affiliation: Secret Society […]

Nightwing (History) – Comic Basics

September 26, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Nightwing Real Name: Dick Grayson First Appearance: Tales of the Teen Titans #44 (As Nightwing) (July, 1984) Powers: Acrobat, Aerialist, Martial Artist, and Detective. Also, utilizes an arsenal of high-tech weaponry and equipment Affiliation: Justice […]

Wolverine (History) – Comic Basics

September 26, 2017 Joel Scott 4

Wolverine Real Name: James “Logan” Howlett First Appearance: Incredible Hulk # 180 Cameo (October, 1974), Incredible Hulk # 181 (November, 1974) First full appearance Powers: Healing Factor, Nearly Indestructible, Slowed Aging, Exceptional Tracker, 6 Retractable […]

Wonder Woman (History) – Comic Basics

September 26, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Wonder Woman Real name: Princess Diana of Themyscira First Appearance: All Star Comics #8 (December, 1941) Powers: Flight, Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability and Longevity. Superior fighting skills. Also, possesses Lasso of Truth Affiliation: Justice League of […]

Thanos (History) – Comic Basics

September 26, 2017 Joel Scott 1

Thanos Real Name: Thanos First Appearance: Iron Man #55 (February, 1973) Powers: Superhuman Strength, Endurance, Reflexes, and Agility. Projects Blasts of Energy Affiliation: Eternals Enemies: Adam Warlock, Avengers, and anybody who crosses his path Love Interests: […]

Harley Quinn (History) – Comic Basics

September 26, 2017 Joel Scott 2

Harley Quinn Real Name: Harleen Quinzel First Appearance: Batman: The Animated Series Powers: Immune To Most Poisons and Toxins. Harley is a Gymnast and Possesses Superior Strength and Agility. Affiliation: Suicide Squad, Gotham City Sirens, Secret […]

Katana (History) – Comic Basics

September 25, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Katana Real Name: Tatsu Yamashiro First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold #200 (July, 1983) Powers: Superb Martial Artist and Samurai Warrior. Her Weapon, The Soul Taker, captures the souls of whomever it kills. Affiliation: The […]

Sabretooth (History) – Comic Basics

September 25, 2017 Joel Scott 1

Sabretooth Real Name: Victor Creed First Appearance: Iron Fist #14 (August 1977) Powers: Rapid healing factor, Superhuman Sight, Hearing, Smell and Taste. Sabretooth’s entire skeleton has been bonded to the nearly indestructible metal, Adamantium. Affiliation: Weapon […]

Thor (History) – Comic Basics

September 25, 2017 Joel Scott 1

Thor Real Name: Thor Odinson First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (August, 1962) Powers: Superhuman Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Longevity Affiliation: Avengers Enemies: Loki, The Destroyer, Absorbing Man, The Incredible Hulk, Hera, Surtur, Ragnarok Love […]

Kingpin (History) – Comic Basics

September 25, 2017 Joel Scott 1

Kingpin Real Name: William Grant Fisk First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July, 1967) Powers: Above Human Agility, Dexterity and Strength. Affiliation: The Hand, Criminal Underworld Boss, Director of Hydra (Las Vegas faction) Enemies: Spider-Man, Daredevil, […]

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