July 21, 2017

Moon Knight vs Daredevil

December 14, 2016 Jeff Scott 0

In the world of comics, there have been numerous opportunities to play out the character vs character scenario. You’ve seen it, your neighbor has seen it, and I’ve seen it. That’s what’s great about comics. […]

Iron Fist vs Spider-Man

December 12, 2016 Jeff Scott 0

I thought with the new Netflix series coming up with Iron Fist to making its first appearance and the launching of Spider-man Homecoming why not let these two share a moment in the spotlight. Iron […]

Batman vs Iron Man

December 9, 2016 Joel Scott 0

So this has been done before. In the realm of comic book fandom, we have been kept up night wondering who would win if two heavyweights from comics went toe to toe with each other. […]

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