July 21, 2017

Chris Claremont

September 29, 2016 Joel Scott 0

Tell me, what do: Rogue Gambit Psylocke Kitty Pryde Jubilee Cable Emma Frost Mystique Mr. Sinister Sabretooth have in common? You guessed it. Chris Claremont. Claremont, well-known for his stint on X-Men that would last […]

Brian Vaughn

August 20, 2016 Joel Scott 1

Brian Vaughn was born in 1976, in what would become Lebron’s house, Cleveland, Ohio. While Vaughn has done work on well-known characters like Batman, Wolverine, and Spider-Man, he is more comfortable working on books in […]

Ed Brubaker

June 14, 2016 Joel Scott 0

Aside from being one of my favourite writers and the writer who brought back one of my favourite characters, Ed Brubaker is a critically acclaimed comic book writer. Beginning his career in the late 1980’s, […]

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