February 23, 2018

We are two brothers who have a large love of comics.

I am going to take you back a bit.  The year is 1990 and while I was only 9 at the time and my brother 7, our fascination with Marvel Comics was about to begin.  Writing this actually makes me feel old.  It just hit me that my love of comics and this website has been 26 years in the making.

My brother and I had a rough idea of what a hero was; we had been exposed to them all of our lives:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme
  • Chuck Norris
  • Bruce Lee
  • Estelle Getty

but we did not know too much about Superheroes.  In fact, the names Wolverine, Captain America and Iron Man were foreign to us.

It would be Wolverine that would be the first to turn our heads. Let’s face it, having the ability to heal from nearly anything, being the small guy who takes zero bullsh@t from others, all the while having a pair of retractable claws seemed pretty cool to two young boys.

I vividly remember creating a pair of claws out of cardboard and watching all my friends do the same.

I suppose the first comic I was exposed to was Uncanny X-Men 212.  In this particular issue, Wolverine and Sabretooth would go head to head for the umpteenth time.  I was hooked.  The cover was badass, the writing was brilliant and the art was like nothing I had ever seen.

This comic was only the beginning.

From there, my brother and I started to collect the initial set of trading cards that Marvel put out.  And then the next.  And then the next.  In fact, I can recall one Christmas where both he and I bought the exact same card as a gift for each other. And just in case you are wondering, yes, I still own them.

I recall trying to collect the set and being mesmerized by the shiny holograms that appeared on a select number of cards. I’ll admit it; we were your typical dork/nerd/geek/whatever you wanted to call us. We loved it…actually, better than that, we embraced every moment of it.

We spent our hard earned money buying whatever Marvel would come out with.

In the mid-90’s, Fox came out with an X-Men animated television show that played every Saturday morning as a part of their cartoon line-up.  We ate it up like a fat man at a buffet.   Eventually, VHS versions of the show appeared in the stores and we rushed out to buy them as quick as we could.  The first VHS we bought was unsurprisingly a Wolverine vs Sabretooth episode entitled, “Cold Vengeance.” To this day, I can recall most of the lines in that episode.

Let’s take a moment to recount the ways that Marvel “got us” early on:

Comic Books – check

Tradable Cards – check

VHS Tapes – check

In 1995, Marvel would introduce us to the next logical step in our purchases.  It was in this year that they released the widely popular card game: Overpower.

Finally, both my brother and I could battle each other with our favorite characters to put an end to many long-standing debates as to who would win in a battle.  Within this series, they launched numerous expansions and through this, were able to keep our interest.

As we aged, trading cards, playable cards, and VHS tapes all kind of fizzled out.  We now found ourselves hooked on what every other teenager was hooked on; video games.  To no one’s surprise, Marvel brought out many of those, to which we rushed out to purchase and play.

We have lived in a time of great ridicule for our passion.  We proudly lived our lives as dorks, nerds, and geeks.  Growing up, we had a hunch that one day, our passion would not be the minority, but rather the majority.  That day came in the year 2000, 10 years after our introduction to the comic world. The year 2000 brought the release of the first Superhero movie, X-Men.  With that, all the naysayers, bullies and everyone else who told us to grow up, became fans.  For the first time in our existence, we were right about comic books.

Both of us are now married and thankfully our wives have learned to appreciate our love of comics.  In fact, they both enjoy the movies as much as we do.  This is the reason for this website.  As he and I go to each movie to watch in the theater, we are constantly reminded of how many spouses out there are simply there because they have a dork/nerk/geek for a spouse.  This website is for them to come to so that they may learn a thing or two about comics.  While accurate in its content, this website is not meant to tell every bit of history for any particular story/character.  I firmly believe that there are enough of those websites out there.

Most importantly, this website is for both Catie and Sarah.  You two are the shining light in our lives and without the two of you, we would only be thought of as two dorks/nerds/geeks.  With you, at least we are two dorks/nerds/geeks with hot wives.

This website is also for those two Canadian boys who shared their love for comics and grew to love them even more.

It is my hope that you enjoy it as much as the two of us have enjoyed making it.

Joel & Jeff Scott

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