July 21, 2017

Real Name: Slade Wilson  Teen Titans 2

First Appearance: New Teen Titans #2 (December, 1980)

Powers: Enhanced Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and is a Trained Mercenary

Affiliation: The Injustice League, Tartarus, The Society

Love Interests: Adeline Kane

Enemies: Teen Titans

Did You Know: Slade Wilson has a lot of similarities to a certain Marvel character with just a few twists and turns.

A Little Back History…

Slade Wilson’s story may eerily similar to another hero, but you be the judge.

At a young age, Slade decided it was his duty to do what was best for his country. Like most young men, he joined the army and faked his age to get in.

For quite some time he fought the good fight in Korea and stayed there until he was shipped to Camp Washington. It was here that he would find a life-changing circumstance.

Life-changing in the form of Adeline Kane.

DeathstrokeWho is she?

Adeline was the light of Slade’s life. She was head over heels in love with him.

Eventually, the two got married and had two sons.

While serving his country he was offered a chance of a lifetime.

No, not millions of dollars.

No, not a brand new house.

It was something that would alter his lifetime.

At this point, the story will seem like a carbon copy of another hero.

Slade was offered a program that would augment his adrenal glands to resist a truth serum. Kinda like the rush you would get from a Slurpee. As you have probably guessed, the program actually had hidden agenda. Suffice it to say, the hidden agenda was a one-way ticket to become an Ultimate Super Soldier.

We already know who the Number One Soldier is don’t we?

All hail Hyd…Captain America!

The problem for Slade was that while Captain America instantly grew bigger…everywhere, he wound up in a coma.

When he finally got out of the coma, he found that he had jacked up strength, speed, durability.

Not too shabby.

The army felt like the experiment was a failure and wouldn’t allow Slade to re-join the army.

This resulted in Slade going into a deep depression. The depression, coupled with the side effects of the experiment took him down the mercenary path that he is now known for.

Deathstroke Slade WilsonWhile establishing himself as a mercenary, he noticed another man in town, the Jackal. The Jackal was looking for some information from Slade. Slade wouldn’t give it up because it was against his honor.

To one up Slade, the Jackal took Slade’s son captive. The resulting battle ended with Slade’s son having his throat slashed. As a consequence, he became a mute. While in the hospital, Slade’s wife took out her frustration on him.

She literally took a shot at him with a gun.

The bullet took target and hit him in the eye.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Joins army
  2. Meets future wife
  3. Undergoes an experiment
  4. Ends up in coma
  5. Wakes up with extra powers
  6. Wasn’t allowed to re-join army
  7. Jackal takes son
  8. Son’s throat is slashed
  9. Wife shoots him
  10. One bad mother-f@cker


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