July 24, 2017

Fantastic Four 5Real Name: Victor von Doom

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #5 (July, 1962)

Powers: Genius in Physics, Genetics, and Bio-Chemistry. Dr. Doom is skilled in robotics and weapons. Can exchange minds with others and is imbued with a little bit of mysticism.

Affiliation: Cabal, Acts of Vengeance

Enemies: Fantastic Four

Did You Know: Doctor Doom has been played by multiple actors on the ‘Big Screen’.

A Little History

Is there a Doctor in the house?


Have you ever been a part of something where everything went wrong?

Victor has.  His childhood was a mess.  Long story short, his mom died at the hands of a soldier and his dad died attempting to keep him warm.

Victor began to learn sorcery as a method to free his ma’s soul from Mephisto, which by all accounts, makes him a pretty good son.

Dr. Doom 1Victor is a smart man.  His intelligence and inventions caught the attention of Empire State University in New York, which he would attend as a way to gain knowledge.  His desire for knowledge was so strong that he even left his girlfriend behind.

Learning this, I’m not sure about you, but I believe that most men would choose a way to take care of their manhood as opposed to knowledge.  I guess, this is what made Victor special.

Immediately upon his arrival at University, he was greeted by his soon to be keener arch-nemesis, Reed Richards.  Victor worked around the clock to create a machine that would rescue his mother’s soul and at one point thought he had achieved it.  Warned by Reed not to use it, he went ahead only to have it blow up in his face…literally.  He was left with a few scars and an expulsion. It was the scars that caused him the most grief.  He felt as though he was now hideous.

From this point, he would leave University and head for Tibet.  It was here that he made a bunch of monks his slaves.  The monks made him a suit of armor and a mask.  Before the mask could cool, he had it pressed against his face to ensure that his face was, in fact, hideous.

I don’t know about your world, but in mine, society takes great pride in making themselves look as good as possible.  Just one example of this is Rodan and Fields.  This revolutionary skin care line defies logic and fills in wrinkles and other unsightly marks.  If only Victor knew of such a product, perhaps he wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths.

Victor turned his sights to his homeland of Latveria, (which by the way, is one of the few fictional places within the Marvel Universe) and made short work of those in charge.  Upon his taking over, he did a few things:

  1. Made it a paradise
  2. Nobody threatens war
  3. Made all praise him
  4. Created Doombots

Wtf is a Doombot?

A Doombot is a robotic duplicate of himself.

Suddenly in control of a country, Victor set 3 goals:

  1. Free his mom
  2. Prove he is better than Reed Richards
  3. Conquer the world

If only he had set S.M.A.R.T. goals then perhaps he would’ve had more success achieving them.

Dr. Doom 2By this time, Reed and company had journeyed into space and been soaked in a cosmic showering, thus turning them into the Fantastic Four.

Unable to best Reed and his team, he turned to what he felt he was better at. He challenged Reed to a game of chess.

Well, not actually.

The two participated in a slug it out, Mental Battle.  Once again, Reed bested him.  This caused Victor humiliation and he lashed out on the powerless Fantastic Four.  By a stroke of luck, The Thing regained his powers and crushed Victor’s hands inside his gauntlets.  Much like a Camel, Victor never forgot when The Thing did to him.

You should know that it isn’t all hatred between Victor and Reed.  The two put their differences aside for a just a moment to battle the Overmind as he sought to attack Latveria.   Victor acknowledged that no one, and he meant no one, would threaten Latveria.

Victor is caught in some pretty crazy storylines:

  1. Battles with Magneto
  2. Has the minds of the Fantastic Four put into miniature bodies
  3. Achieved world domination wit the use of Purple Man’s mind control
  4. Has his Doombots bested by Squirrel Girl (yes, she is a real character).
  5. Has a stalker-esk love for Storm

All this aside, here is the only thing you need to know about Dr. Doom:

He has a hard on for beating Reed Richards.  As I pointed out earlier, it is one of his main goals in life.

Oh, and he has a thing for chasing Thor’s hammer.  Read into that how you want to.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Mom dies by soldier
  2. Dad died keeping him warm
  3. Accepts invitation to Empire State
  4. Meets Reed
  5. Has machine blow up in his face
  6. Makes monks slaves and they create a suit for him
  7. Returns to Latveria and takes over
  8. Makes it his mission to best Reed, Save his Mom and to take over the world
  9. Creates Doombots
  10. Continually attempts to best Reed
  11. Fascinated by Thor’s Hammer

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