July 24, 2017

Strange Tales 111Real Name: Stephen Vincent Strange

First Appearance: Strange Tales #110 (July, 1963)

Powers: Mastery of Mystic Art (used to protect Earth from otherworldly events), Telepathy, Invisibility, Astral Projection and on and on and on…

Affiliation: Avengers, The Order, The Defenders, Midnight Sons, Illuminati

Enemies: Baron Mordo, Dormammu

Love Interests: Clea, Madeline Revell

Did You Know: Stephen Strange has appeared in live action movies more than once. In 1976 a movie entitled, Dr. Strange was made for television and in 2016 Benedict Cumberbatch brings him to life in a Dr. Strange movie by Marvel Studios.

A Little History

Stephen Strange quickly rose through the ranks and became the worlds’ foremost neurosurgeon.

As a consequence of his ‘talents,’ he became greedy, brash, cocky, arrogant and took his talents to South Beach.  This led him to become less interested in helping people and more interested in  the paycheque that followed.

We all have family problems…scratch that…we all have family members that we don’t get along with…

Am I right?

Dr. Strange 1Because Stephen had grown up knowing he was the prodigal son of neurosurgery, he became the family member that no one wanted to associate with.

Stephen couldn’t even be bothered to go and visit his father, Eugene, as he lay on his deathbed.

Karma is a b@tch and for Stephen this proved true.

While out for a not so leisurely drive, Stephen found himself spinning out of control and on the wrong end of a car accident…

Although, thinking about this, I’m not convinced that there is a good end to be on.

As a result of the accident, Stephen was left as a fragment of the man he once was.  Mentally, he was still a neuro-surgeon, but physically, he could not do it.  It was his hands that took the brunt end of the accident.  He w0und up spending his entire fortune over the next number of years on fixing his hands.  In the end of it all, Stephen found himself homeless.

Have you ever felt like someone is always watching you?

Throughout the life of Stephen Strange, he was under the constant watch of a being known as The Ancient One.  The Ancient One does not fall into the category of an  “I am a stalker and you will need a restraining order from me,” but rather the “I see your potential and am just waiting for the right time.”

In search of a ‘fix’ for his hands, Stephen found himself venturing to Tibet, wherein a stroke of convenience (and planning), he ran into The Ancient One.

Dr. Strange 2

At this point, The Ancient One tells him to “Beat It” as he does not see that Stephen would use the power that he has for good.

Shortly thereafter, The Ancient One would eat his words as Stephen would save him from another student, Baron Mordo.

Stephen would spend years learning to use the Mystic Arts and over time would return to New York under the guise of a Mystical Consult.

He literally is the guy you call when you call into a Psychic Hotline.

Stephen Strange has become the foremost authority on Black Magic and the Mystic Arts in the Marvel Universe.

IMG_2997Reading his comics was akin to an Acid Trip from hard drugs.  His comics were laced with psychedelic colours, and story arcs that included The Living Tribunal, Eternity, Shuma- Gorath (WTF?!?), Dormammu and Nightmare.  He was a true representation of the 1960’s/70’s and as such, resonated with the young adults of the time.

Never one to shy away from controversy, Stephen dated and married the niece (Clea) of his nemesis, Dormammu (who consequently might just be his most powerful enemy).   Y0u have probably seen him on various episodes of Jerry Springer?

Dr. Strange is supported by three mystical beings:

  1. Agamotto the All-Seeing
  2. Omnipotent Oshtur
  3. Hoary Hoggoth

These beings align themselves with the Sorcerer Supreme to grant him occult power and knowledge.

The Eye of Agamotto, which is referenced to most often is an amulet that Stephen wears around his neck.  In actuality, it is an eye within the amulet that appears from time to time.  The eye itself is able to see through illusions, spells and can span large distances.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Greed and wealth take you nowhere
  2. Famed surgeon that was only about the paycheque
  3. Car crash leaves his hands useless
  4. Travels to Tibet in search of The Ancient One
  5. Saves Ancient One from Baron Mordo
  6. Is trained in the Black Arts
  7. Has acid-trip like imagery
  8. Marries the niece of Dormammu, Clea
  9. Family reunions are a must to see
  10. Uses wacky powers to aid himself

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