September 23, 2017

Ed Brubaker

Aside from being one of my favourite writers and the writer who brought back one of my favourite characters, Ed Brubaker is a critically acclaimed comic book writer.

Beginning his career in the late 1980’s, Brubaker got his start, not solely as a comic book writer, but a cartoonist. Initially, he began by writing and drawing for Blackthorne Comics.

At the end of the 1980’s approached and as the popularity of comics surged in the 90’s, Brubaker began to write Lowlife for Caliber Comics before submitting stories to Dark Horse comics for their Dark Horse Presents series.

His rise from mediocrity came in 1993 while collaborating with Eric Shanower on An Accidental Death; a three-part story arc. This story would earn him and Shanower a nomination for an Eisner Award (The Holy Grail of Comic Book Awards). The rest of the 1990’s was spent by Brubaker writing for Vertigo Comics and Alternative Comics. In this time, he would be nominated for his second and third Eisner Awards. By the end of the millennium, Brubaker had begun to work on Batman for DC.

Brubaker is primarily known for adopting a crime-fiction style to his writing. Because of this, his work has become synonymous with “Crime” type characters.

Because of his style, he often found himself working with Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, among many others.

His first objective was to take on the beloved Caped-Crime-Fighter, Batman. Naturally, Brubaker felt at home with the title and took Batman to never before seen heights. The culmination of his work on Batman can be summarized in the series entitled, “Gotham Central.”

While at DC, Brubaker was also tasked with recreating the Catwoman character. One of DC’s longest standing characters, Brubaker felt that she could use a makeover and brought about some edgy changes. These changes resulted in the Catwoman character that most fans today are familiar with.

In 2004 after his contract with DC ran out, Brubaker turned to Marvel Comics; specifically Captain America. At the beginning of his run on Captain America, Brubaker would accomplish a number of things:

  1. He would reset the title to Number 1
  2. He would resurrect long-dead sidekick Bucky Barnes in the form of Soviet Assassin, The Winter Soldier
  3. Be a contributor in the now popular Civil War storyline
  4. Do the unthinkable and kill Captain America
  5. Revive Captain America in the Reborn storyline

Overall, he would work on Captain America for eight years.

For a brief time, he would work on Secret Avengers, but in April of 2012, he would return to glory and write a new Winter Soldier title and write his last Captain America story.

In 2006 Brubaker would be assigned to two different books: Books of Doom and X-Men: Deadly Genesis, while being handed the keys to the Daredevil title. Writing Daredevil seemed to fit Brubaker extremely well and during his run, he would earn an Eisner and Harvey Award nominations for Best Writer, winning both.

2008 brought another Eisner Award for Brubaker when he collaborated with Matt Fraction on The Immortal Iron Fist, which became one of Marvel’s most popular titles of that year.

Brubaker is one of, if not the foremost authority on crime based comics. If you have had the opportunity to read any of his books, you can’t help but be in awe of his craft. From his work on Batman, Iron Fist and obviously The Winter Soldier, his knowledge and understanding of the crime genre is unrivalled.





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