September 23, 2017

Suicide_Squad_Vol_4_1Real Name: Chato Santana

First Appearance: Suicide Squad Volume 4 #1 (November, 2011)

Powers: Pyrokinesis

AffiliationSuicide Squad

Enemies: Prison Riots

Did You Know: Chato has a supernatural horse named Sombra

A Little History

Chato Santana grew up Mexico. From early on, he was forced to live by “any means necessary” and eventually found himself joining a street gang known as Los Reyes Locos.

Over time, he would rise to the top of the gang. Everything that he had in life; his friends, family, power and girlfriend came from his life of crime. Being at the top, came with its problems and those closest to him, including his best friend, wound up betraying him.

During a heist, Chato would wind up being shot in the back by his “friend” and left for dead. Now crippled, Chato was picked up and interrogated by the police.

This tells me that he didn’t screen his friends properly.

Unable to torture him, the police put Chato in a room with an Old Man named Lazarus Lane, who was in a coma. Chato’s fate seemed sealed for anybody who shared a room Lazarus suddenly perished.

The police, growing impatient, decided that they would attempt to trick Chato into giving them information. They spread the word that he had talked and that they were preparing to track down and arrest his fellow gang members. Suddenly, Chato could either talk and betray his friends or wait for his friends to come and kill him.

When all seemed lost, another option appeared before him. The Old Man appeared in his dreams, admitted he was, in fact, Lazarus Lane (a 200-year-old cowboy who had been possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance) who had been transformed into El Diablo.

Lazarus proceeded to offer Chato the option to become the new El Diablo.

As the ultimate no-brainer, Chato accepted and the Old Man proceeded to begin his training.

El_Diablo_v.3_1_(Virgin)Before the training could be completed, Lazarus was killed. Subsequently, Chato struggled to control the demon that had possessed him.

With his new powers, he remembered that a gang that he was after owed him money. With his powers intact, he set the building they were in ablaze, destroying everything in it, including the gang members and some innocent women and children.

Seeing the horror he had committed, he waited for the police and turned himself in, which makes him kind of a stand-up guy.

While in jail awaiting his fate, his cell was filled with sleeping gas. Upon his awakening, he learned that while asleep he had an explosive implanted in his body. At this point, Amanda Waller walked in and offered him a spot on the Suicide Squad, allowing him to atone for his sins as well as avoiding the death penalty.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Part of Los Reyes Locos
  2. Rise to the top of gang
  3. Betrayed by friend at during a heist and shot
  4. Placed in a room with Lazarus Lane
  5. Given powers of El Diablo
  6. Burns building with gang members inside
  7. Inadvertently kills women and children
  8. Sentenced to death
  9. Offered a position on the Suicide Squad
  10. Accepts

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