September 23, 2017

Batman Animated SeriesReal Name: Harleen Quinzel

First Appearance: Batman: The Animated Series

Powers: Immune To Most Poisons and Toxins. Harley is a Gymnast, and Possesses Superior Strength and Agility.

Affiliation: Suicide Squad, Gotham City Sirens, Secret Six

Love Interests:  The Joker

Enemies: Batman

Did You Know: Not only does Harley Quinn have a daughter named Lucy, but she made her first appearance in a television cartoon, not in comic books like most characters.

A Little History

Harleen Quinzel grew up in a Jewish-Catholic family and much like Adam Sandler sang The Chanukah Song around the holidays.

She had a con-artist for a father, a mother who constantly compared her to heroes and a brother who dreamed of becoming a rock star. Harleen has gone on record stating that she became a psychologist so that she may understand why her father would use his abilities to trick women to give him their money.

Harleen, while an intern at Arkham Asylum, would discover The Joker (with whom she would become fascinated with). Her fascination led to a request that she be able to analyze him.  During one of their sessions, The Joker would open up to her about his past. Knowing Harleen’s past, The Joker played it up. He would go on to explain that much like her father, his father beat him worse than a rented mule. This led her to feel sympathy for him and because of this, she would help him escape, all-the-while donning her well-known, Jester outfit.

Harley QuinnWhile often stupid, Harley does have moments of intelligence.

Eventually, she would discover that The Joker had been lying to her as a way to get out of Arkham. His lying and abuse would become an ever-recurring theme in their “relationship.”

Usually written as the second in command to The Joker, Harley is typically the one caught and imprisoned by Batman. Much like the cat who came back, Harley always finds her way back to The Joker.

Along the way, Harleen would befriend Poison Ivy. If not knowing where Harley received her “powers” from would keep you up at night, wonder no more. It was Poison Ivy who gave her an injection of anti-toxins and thus she became immune to most toxins while giving her enhanced strength and agility.

She would also befriend, Selina Kyle, Catwoman and the three of them (Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn) would for a team called the Gotham Sirens. Unlike the Spice Girls, they would not tour.

Finally, she would go on to be a part of The Suicide Squad.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Mother who didn’t care
  2. Father who was a con-artist
  3. Brother would have wanted to be in Queen
  4. Took up psychology as a way to understand her father
  5. Becomes an intern at Arkham Asylum
  6. Fascinated by The Joker
  7. Helps The Joker escape
  8. Continual puppet in The Joker‘s plans
  9. Befriends Poison Ivy and Catwoman
  10. Forms a new incarnation of the Spice Girls


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