July 24, 2017

Fantastic Four 1Real Name: Johnny Storm

First Appearance: Fantastic Four 1 (November, 1961)

Powers: Human Fireball, Can Fly at Top Speeds, Can Project Fire

Affiliation: Fantastic Four, Secret Avengers

Love Interests: Lyja (Estranged Wife)

Enemies: Doctor Doom, Mole Man, Galactus

Did You Know: That Chris Evans played Human Torch first before becoming the red, white and blue patriotic hero Captain America.

A Little History

If you have read the biography on Sue Storm, you know that she and Johnny grew up in a normal house, that is, until their mother died in a car accident.  You will know that their father (a successful surgeon) gave it his everything to save her, but couldn’t, resulting him to abandon everything and turn to drinking and gambling.

From there, the siblings would be taken in by their Aunt.

Despite, his mother dying in a car accident, Johnny became infatuated with cars and speed.

Johnny is substantially younger than Sue, and like a lost puppy, Johnny followed her when she accepted the invitation to go to space with Reed Richards and Ben Grimm.

Human Torch 2As I am sure you know (because not only did you read the Sue Storm biography, you also read the Reed Richards and Ben Grimm ones), the ship they were on launched without a hiccup.  It wasn’t until they got into space that they encountered problems.  The ship would end up on the receiving end of a Cosmic Ray shower, forcing it back to Earth, all-the-while transforming the crew.

With a now-famous line, “Flame on!” Johnny became the Human Torch and took up the name as a tribute to the hero from WW2 of the same name.

Johnny often thought of as volatile, quickly left the newly formed group, the Fantastic Four, to pursue his own dreams.  It was during this time that he found an amnesiac version of Namor (who he recognized from reading comics from the War).  In an effort to restore his memory, he literally dropped Namor into the sea.  This actually worked, but unfortunately, it worked too well.  Not only did Namor regain his memories, but on his return to Atlantis, he noticed that it was in ruins leading him to wage war on humanity.

Admitting that Namor’s rampage was one of those, “My bad” situations, Johnny returned to the Fantastic Four and drove Namor back to the sea.

Human Torch 1As mentioned, Johnny can be a little volatile.  He would often find himself on the receiving end of some bullying at the hands of a fellow high school students. One day, Johnny decided to put an end to it and flared up his powers.

During the events of Civil War, Johnny  got the short end of the stick.  While out, Johnny wound up facing a mob of superhero-hating people, who quickly beat him down, sending him to the hospital.  This attack led to Sue and Ben to leave the Fantastic Four and join Captain America’s side of heroes against registration.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Younger brother to Sue Storm
  2. Joins the mission to space
  3. Becomes Human Torch
  4. Drops Namor in the Sea, restoring his memory
  5. Battles an angered Namor
  6. Scars the face of a fellow student
  7. Gets beat up by a mob leading to Sue and Ben joining Captain America

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