July 24, 2017

Fantastic Four 1Real Name: Susan Storm Richards

First Appearance: Fantastic Four 1 (November, 1961)

Powers: Invisible Force fields, Can Turn herself and Objects Invisible

Affiliation: Fantastic Four, Secret Avengers, Avengers

Love Interests: Reed Richards

Enemies: Doctor Doom, Mole Man, Galactus

Did You Know: That Sue is the sister to the superhero Human Torch also known as Johnny Storm.

A Little History

Sue and Johnny Storm grew up in ‘normal’ surroundings.  That is, ‘normal’ in relation to other comic characters. They did not come from an abusive, drug filled, or neglected home.  In fact, they lived quite the happy childhood and it stayed this way until a tragic car accident claimed the life of their mother.

At this point, ‘normal’ was thrown out the window.

Their father, a renowned surgeon, did all he could to save his wife, but the accident was too severe and ultimately he could not save her.  This led him down a path of destruction.  He abandoned his practice to take up his lifelong dream of becoming a drunk and a gambler.  Eventually, Sue and Johnny would be placed in the care of their Aunt and it was during this time that Sue would take a liking to her tenant, Reed Richards.

Invisible Woman 2All that had happened left Sue to act as a motherly figure to Johnny, who was much younger.

During College, Sue took up acting and modelling, eventually rekindling her relationship with Reed Richards.

If you have ever wanted to know how Ben Grimm (Reed’s best friend) ended up on the shuttle to space that would turn the 4 friends into the Fantastic Four, look no further than Sue Storm.

Ben, unsure as to whether he wanted to be a part of the space mission, was convinced to join after Sue convinced him.


Sue questioned his courage.  

The launch was a success and all looked to be on track until they got into the upper echelon of the atmosphere.  Once there, intense cosmic radiation penetrated the ship, exposing the quartet to gene-altering rays and forcing them back to Earth.

Invisible Woman 1Upon their landing, they realized that they had all been changed, with Sue gaining the power to become Invisible.

Initially thought of as the ‘Weakest Link’ in the group, Sue developed her powers and eventually found that not only could she become invisible, but she could also project and manipulate force fields.

Over the years, numerous suitors, most notably being Namor, have approached her.  Namor became smitten with Sue from the moment he met her.  In fact, initially, she reciprocated the feelings but remained loyal to Reed (which is a good thing as they had kids together, Franklin being the most widely known).

The Fantastic Four (commonly known as the first family in comics) are not without their share of problems.

During the Civil War conflict, Sue and Reed wound up on different sides of the battle.  Reed was all for registration and Sue was not.  This led to Sue (along with Ben) leaving the Fantastic Four for a while.

Sue has long been thought of as one of the Top Heroine within the Marvel Universe.  Personally, she is one of my favourites.   Initially a very passive individual, Sue has morphed into that of a formidable opponent.  From the ‘Weakest Link’ to arguably the ‘Strongest Link,’ Sue gets my vote as the best member of the Fantastic Four.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Normal home life
  2. Mom dies
  3. Dad takes up drinking and gambling
  4. Sue and Johnny are taken in by their Aunt
  5. Meets Reed
  6. Goes to college
  7. Ends up on life changing space mission
  8. Becomes Invisible Woman
  9. Marries Reed
  10. Has child
  11. Ends up opposing Reed in Civil War


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