February 20, 2018

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Jim Lee was born on August 11, 1964, in Seoul, South Korea. Before he got into the comic industry he had studied psychology on account of his father being in medicine. His intent was to become a medical specialist.

He didn’t find his passion until he took an art class while in University. After this class, his passion to draw kicked into high gear. This did not stop him from acquiring his degree and he would eventually graduate from psychology. After graduation, instead of pursuing medicine, he followed drawing.

Lee appeared at a New York comic convention where he would meet and be invited to Marvel Comics by Editor, Archie Goodwin. At Marvel, he was tasked with breeding life into The Punisher

A once in a lifetime chance

His work wouldn’t end there. While working with Chirs Claremont, he co-created the fan-favorite character, Gambit. In 1991, his work finally caught the attention it deserved. In 1991, he recreated the look of the entire X-Men team and created the villain, Omega Red.

During this time Jim Lee assisted in launching the second volume of X-Men. In fact, X-Men Volume 2, #1 broke the and still holds the Guinness Book of World Records, All-Time Best Selling Comic Book.

Took a gamble and it paid off

In 1992, he started his own company, Wildstorm Productions and co-founded Image Comics. In Wildstorm, he created Wildcats and Gen 13. After many years (6) of working with Image, he decided that a change was needed.

DC Comics purchased WildStorm Productions in 1998. With the acquisition, he joined the DC Entertainment creative team. In 2003, he and Jeph Loeb worked on a 12 issue Batman Story Arc entitled, HUSH. The story is widely considered a huge success.  

Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing

In 2011, Jim Lee was essential to the launch of DC Comics, New 52. The premise of the New 52 was an overhaul in character design, origin, and story arcs. The New 52 affected every small corner of the publisher. Some characters to take on a change included Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Nightwing, The Justice League, and Green Lantern.

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