September 23, 2017

Brave and the Bold 200Real Name: Tatsu Yamashiro

First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold #200 (July, 1983)

Powers: Superb Martial Artist and Samurai Warrior. Her Weapon, The Soul Taker, captures the souls of whomever it kills.

Affiliation: The Outsiders, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey and Justice League

Love Interests: Maseo Yamashiro

Enemies: Anyone who opposes her code of honor

Did you know: She has appeared in numerous media sources

A Little History

Tatsu Yamashiro was born in Japan. At a very young age, she demonstrated considerable skill in Martial Arts and as such, began to study it.

Eventually, she would attract the eye of two brothers, Takeo and Maseo.

I can’t speak for everyone, but attracting the eye of two siblings is never a good thing.

In the end, Tatsu ended up choosing Maseo. This caused a rift between the brothers and as a consequence, Takeo left. While away, he joined the Yakuza and became a high-ranking member.

Fresh off his victory against his brother, Maseo didn’t waste any time getting down to business. He turned the lights down low, threw on some Barry White, gave Tatsu the wink and began his quest to produce two children.

Takeo’s jealousy grew when he caught wind of this news. With his fist shaking in the air, he vowed revenge.

He immediately sought out a sword called Katana and killed Maseo.

Witnessing the death of her husband, Tatsu wrestled the Katana away from Takeo but while doing so, her house was inadvertently set on fire. While looking for a way to save her children, she heard the voice of her dead husband telling her that she could not save them and that she must run.

Katana 8Conveniently, the Katana had been crafted by a 14th-century swordsman. Because of its creator, it possessed special powers and was known as the Soul Taker (it took the souls of those that it killed).

Realizing that it was her husband’s soul communicating with her brought her a sense of relief. No longer was she hearing voices (kind of crazy). She now knew that she was talking with her sword (still somewhat crazy).

To fill up her time, she would take on the identity of Katana and become a member of The Outsiders (without Kevin Nash and Scott Hall).

While leading her new life, Takeo arranged to steal the sword and was successful in his attempt. Through a spell, he managed to release Maseo and upon his release, Maseo was under his complete control. Takeo ordered Maseo to kill Tatsu in hopes that either he would be victorious or that Tatsu would kill him in self-defense.

Tatsu could not kill her husband and instead, killed Takeo.

Much like every other character in comics, her story was altered later on.

In 2013, her story was slightly altered. Like before, she would choose Maseo. Unlike before, she would accompany him on missions, some of which ended in the death of people. Maseo assured her that they were evil people that deserved what they were getting.

When Takeo confronted his brother, Maseo drew out his sword, The Soul Taker. Tatsu attempted to stop her husband and in the scrum, wound up killing him, sending his soul into the Katana.

Katana is one of the deadliest characters in the DC Universe. Her lifelong goal is to do whatever is necessary to release all the souls trapped within the Soul Taker so that they may find peace.

KatanaScott’s Notes:

  1. Martial artist who caught the eye of two brothers
  2. Chooses one brother and sends the other packing
  3. Loser brother vows revenge
  4. Loser brother kills winner brother
  5. Katana vows revenge
  6. Sword used collects the souls of those it kills
  7. Loser brother steals sword and releases winner husband from it
  8. Katana kills loser brother

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