September 21, 2017

Amazing Spiderman 50Real Name: William Grant Fisk

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July, 1967)

Powers: Above Human Agility, Dexterity and Strength.

Affiliation: The Hand, Criminal Underworld Boss, Director of Hydra (Las Vegas faction)

Enemies: Spider-Man, Daredevil, Elektra

Love Interests: Vanessa Fisk

Did You Know: Kingpin made his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #50. This issue primed him to be one of Spider-Man’s villains, yet he frequents Daredevil titles.

A Little History

Wilson Grant Fisk; the true Kingpin of crime.

From the very beginning, it was inevitable that Wilson Fisk was to become a crime lord.

Wilson was tormented as a child. He was mocked, picked on and known as the fat kid.

Needless to say, he was a loner.

Faced with the option to let it get to him or let it fuel him, Wilson did what great men do; and let it fuel him. He went straight to work in the gym and trained in bodybuilding, combat and sumo.

Have you ever heard the expression “To get what you want, you must be willing to go and get it”?

Probably not, because I just wrote it, but Wilson Fisk epitomizes it.

Wilson did like so many others before him and went to the library.  Instead of renting books like so many others, he stole them.  His target literature was that of Political Topics.

Wilson Fisk is an intelligent man.

Kingpin 2

My personal mission in life is to live each day to its fullest while never cheating/mistreating anyone.

Wilson’s personal mission is to never leave a trail that links any specific crime back to him.

Perhaps this is why I sit here typing a biography about him, while he lives in a highrise, sipping the best champagne??

While dealing in crime, Wilson built up a reputation of legitimate business on the side.  Due to this business, he was able to meet and marry the love of his life, Vanessa.  When Wilson sets his sights on something, he commits.  The two quickly got down to business and had their first child, Richard.

Great business men, seize the opportunity when it comes their way and during a brief Spider-Man retirement, Wilson saw his.

Have you ever tried to do something but seemingly failed every time because someone bigger, stronger, faster or smarter was always there to outperform you?

For years, many tried to create a coalition to oppose and overthrow the Maggia as the supreme criminal leaders.  At the announcement of Spider-Man’s retirement, the Kingpin formed his.

I reiterate.

Have you ever tried to do something but seemingly failed every time because someone bigger, stronger, faster or smarter was always there to outperform you?

Wilson’s plan would have worked had it not been for Spider-Man having a change of heart and come out of retirement.

To make matters worse Wilson attempted to silence the newspaper about all that was going on.  Spider-Man intervened and this resulted in the paper running an article exposing him for who he was.

Smart men know the expression: “Happy wife, happy life.”

KingpinVanessa approached Wilson and said the words that any man would cringe at hearing: “Lose the crime or lose me.”

Wilson is an intelligent man.

He chose the latter and they moved to Japan.

Not destroying his life enough, his control-happy wife made him turn his criminal files on other leaders of crime over to The Authorities.

Seeing what was happening and fearing for their security, the other crime lords devised a plan to kidnap Vanessa.

Three words:

Vanessa was killed

Three more words:

Wilson was pissed.

He handed all of his files over the Matt Murdoch (Daredevil for those who don’t know) and the other criminals were prosecuted.  This left Wilson as the true crime lord.

Wilson’s attention turned to his political goals.  More specifically, they turned to almost elected New York Mayor, Randolph Cherryh.

Daredevil, watching this (which is ironic because Daredevil’s “thing” is that he is blind), found Vanessa alive and agreed to turn her over to Wilson if he ordered Cherryh to not accept the Mayor nomination.  He agreed.

Again, three words:

Wilson was pissed.

This led to Elektra being ordered to assassinate Matt Murdoch’s best friend, Foggy.

Long story, short, Elektra dies

and comes back.

Daredevil’s former girlfriend, Karen Page, who by the way is a heroin addict, sells his personal information to a dealer in order to get some more heroin.  Among this information is the once sacred, secret identity of Daredevil.

Wilson is an intelligent man.

Wilson uses this information to render Daredevil penniless and has his ability to practice law taken away.  With his life in shambles, Daredevil confronts Wilson only to have himself severely beaten, put in a car and thrown over a cliff.

Revenge is bitter sweet and Daredevil would get him by exposing Wilson, (not in the naked kind of way) rendering him penniless and taking Vanessa into hiding.


Scott’s Notes:

  1. Teased as a child
  2. Becomes a gym junkie
  3. Steals books
  4. Never convicted of a crime
  5. Meets, marries and has a child with Vanessa
  6. Vanessa forces him to give up crime
  7. Crimelords have her killed
  8. Daredevil takes control of all criminal files making Wilson the true Kingpin of crime
  9. Sends Elektra to assassinate Foggy Nelson
  10. Learns Daredevil is Matt Murdoch and destroys his life
  11. Daredevil returns the favor and destroys his life
  12. Kingpin stories are worse than a broken record

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