January 19, 2018

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Founded in 1939 under the name “Timely Comics” Marvel Comics has risen to become the foremost leader in comic book publication.

In an effort to capitalize on the growing popularity of comic books, Martin Goodman created Timely Comics and release its first issue that would feature many Superheroes, most notably, The Human Torch and Namor The Submariner.

In 1941, it would release one of its most popular and enduring characters.  This character jumped into mainstream culture at the perfect moment.  During this time, the world was engaged in World War 2 and found itself divided into two factions:  The Allies and The Axis.  Captain America became a symbol of hope and freedom.  His first encounter with the reader saw him in a now iconic cover where he could be found punching Adolf Hitler in the jaw.

During the 1950’s Superhero comics fell out of fashion and Timely would end up canceling the last of its Superhero books and become known as Atlas Comics.  It would be more than 10 years before Superheros would grace the covers of comics.

While its competition over at DC was busy ushering in a new generation of heroes to its readers, Marvel would take some time to catch up.  When they did, however, they unleashed some of the most well-known characters to ever grace the covers of comics.  In this tidal wave of activity, the world bore witness to the creation of Thor, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and many others.

The next 20 years were spent with great success.

The 1980’s shed a different light on Marvel.  During this tumultuous time, Marvel would be sold quite often, eventually becoming a publicly held company in 1991.  By 1996 they filed for bankruptcy.

The low that Marvel had reached would last for some time.

By 2007 they had branched out into digital comics and started to create/license their movies that have since become a part of the beloved and highly profitable Marvel Cinematic Universe.  In 2009, Walt Disney purchased the parent company of Marvel Comics.

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