July 21, 2017

Uncanny X-Men 221Real Name: Nathanial Essex

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #212 (December 1986 (Name Only)), Uncanny X-Men #213 (January 1987 (Shadow Only)), Uncanny X-Men #221 (September 1987(First Full Appearance))

Powers: Surgeon, Geneticist, Biologist, and Clonologist  Extended Lifespan and Enhanced Durability.  Superhuman Strength, Telekinesis, Control of the Molecular Level in his Body, Telepathy, and Projection of Concussive Energy from his Hands. Simply put, he can do a bunch of stuff.

Affiliation: Weapon X, Third Reich, Nasty Boys, Marauders

Enemies: Apocalypse, Cyclops, Gambit, X-Men

Love Interests: Rebecca Essex

Did You Know: The last word his wife spoke to him were “sinister”, hence his name.

A Little History

How does one become a brilliant scientist turned into a man hell-bent on cloning and evolution?

Dr. Essex was widely considered the greatest scientist of his generation. He was specifically interested in human evolution and mutation.

I have 3 questions for you:

  1. Have you ever met somebody obsessed with his or her work?
  2. Have you ever met somebody who would give up everything to prove his point
  3. Have you ever met somebody who would dig up his dead son to experiment?

Sinister 2I have.  Nathaniel Essex is this man.

A very normal Nathaniel Essex received his extraordinarily long life from the mutant, Apocalypse.  Apocalypse offered him longevity and great power in exchange for the creation of a plague that would destroy the world.

He was forced to make a choice between Science and Love.  Much to the chagrin of his dying wife, he chose Science.

Seeing what her husband had become, Rebecca whispered the only words she could think of as she lay dying: “Sinister”.

And with that, Mr. Sinister was born.

As for the plague?

Sinister, made the plague to only affect one individual: APOCALYPSE.

Pissed off, Apocalypse reminded Sinister who held true power and told him that he would be back to claim him as his servant.

Now, if I had a situation such as this lingering over me, I would find a way to do something about it.

Sinister, being an intelligent being shifted his focus to creating a ‘supreme’ being.

As time passed, Sinister developed a perverse fascination with Scott Summers and Jean Grey.  As he began to study them, he realized that they would create the perfect offspring; an offspring capable of defeating Apocalypse and releasing him from the hold Apocalypse had on him.

During the Dark Phoenix Saga, Sinister created a clone of Jean Grey and named her Madelyne Prior (Prior being a pun on her prior existence as a cell of Jean Grey…which actually is not that funny).

Things would not go as planned and the clone would not develop any mutation.  Sinister did what any person would do and he put her in an incubation tube and left her there.

Yeah…in a tube and left her there.

When the Phoenix Force died, a fragment of its power was given to Madelyne.  This peaked Sinister’s interest and he implanted her with Jean’s memories and placed her in a spot that Scott would be sure to find her.  Quickly, the two fell in love, wed and wasted no time in the baby making.

The result was Nathaniel Christopher Charles Summers or Cable.


Time would pass and Jean would wake up, which naturally, threw a wrench in the plan of Sinister.  He sent his Marauders to kill Madelyne before the truth could be revealed.  During a skirmish, Sinister was able to take a very young Cable captive and proceeded to erase all memory of Scott and Madelyne from his mind.

Scott, not wanting to accept this began his hunt for Sinister.

At the same time, Madelyne was told of her origins and proceeded to kick Sinister’s ass.  She would go on to attack the X-Men and X-Factor only to be beaten by them.

To prevent any more of my babbling, Jean wound up fighting Sinister on the Astral Plan and Scott deliver’s a deadly, unfiltered Optic Blast.

Yet, another question for you.

Have you ever had an “Oh Sh!t” moment?

Just so you know, the birth of Cable led to one for Sinister when it woke Apocalypse.

Before all was said and done, Apocalypse infected baby Cable with a virus that would start a time paradox and would ensure his survival.  From here, a being from the future came down (and it just might have been Doc Brown from Back To The Future), told Scott that Cable would be a saviour in their time and that they could save him by letting him go to the future.  Not wanting to watch his son die, Scott agreed to let Nathan go to an alternate future ruled by Apocalypse.

It should be obvious that Sinister is well adept at ruining lives.  For the mutant Gambit, this was the case.

Gambit unable to control his powers, sought out Sinister to dull them.  Sinister removed a portion of his brain to achieve this, leaving Gambit in his debt.

To pay back the debt, Gambit aided Sinister in the well-known storyline: “Mutant Massacre.”

The premise for this story is simple.

  1. Assemble a group of murderers and savages
  2. Send said group underground to kill a group of misfit mutants
  3. Reap the benefits of it

Sinister 1All would have worked if not for the intervening of the X-Men and company.

While a mainstay in X-Men comics, Sinister is by no means as popular or widely thought of as Magneto, Sabretooth, Apocalypse or The Sentinels, however, he is a pain in their ass.

In the world of celebrities, he would be a “B-Lister.”

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Expert in evolution
  2. First incarnation of Marauders kidnaps folk off the street to be experimented on
  3. Apocalypse grants him long life and power
  4. Becomes a slave and indebted to Apocalypse
  5. Perverse fascination with Scott Summers and Jean Grey
  6. Clones Jean and names her Madelyne Prior
  7. Madelyne and Scott have baby; Cable
  8. Removes a portion of Gambit’s brain
  9. Gambit leads Marauders in Mutant Massacre
  10. B-Lister at best

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