July 24, 2017

IMG_3112Real Name: Namor McKenzie

First Appearance: Motion Picture Funnies Weekly- 1939

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Stamina, and Durability.  Can Swim at Speeds of 60mph. Can Fly and Withstand Hypothermic Conditions Underwater.

Affiliation: Cabal, Illuminati, Defenders, Avengers, X-Men.

Enemies: Kang, Humankind, Fishermen

Did You Know: Namor the Submariner was initially written in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly; an 8-page story.

A Little History

Have you watched Disney’s Finding Nemo?

Good, this isn’t about that.

Leonard McKenzie and his crew were in search for the Lemurian city that had been rumored to house a mythical artifact.  Seeing that one of his crew had planned to use the artifact for destruction, Leonard set explosives to bury the city, all the while unaware that he was burying the city, Atlantis, underneath the water.

Atlantis took heavy damage and its King, sent his daughter to the explosion to see what was going on.

A little Barry White, some wine and low mood lights later, Leonard and Fen (the daughter) fell in love.  The King sent his best men to seek out his daughter who had been away for a few weeks.  Fearing that she was captive, the men slaughtered Leonard’s crew, leaving Fen to return to Atlantis.

9 months later, Namor entered the world.

Namor grew up two different things:

  1. The first Homo sapien/Homo mermanus hybrid
  2. An angry child.

Fearing that man would come and finish the job that saw them destroy Atlantis, Namor led a pre-emptive strike on New York.  This attack led Namor to a confrontation with the original Human Torch.  After the Nazi’s attacked Atlantis in the Second World War, Namor would join the battle alongside Captain America, Bucky, Toro and of course, the Human Torch.

Atlantis did not sustain too much damage during the war but instead took some after the War.  The man responsible for Leonard setting the initial bombs on Atlantis finally got his hands on the artifact and used it to cause Earthquakes that wound up destroying much of Atlantis.

Namor was once again dispatched to New York to put a stop to it.  This time, Namor would prove to be unsuccessful in his attempt to stop him.

NamorMuch like how I feel when I can’t find my keys, Namor wound up with Amnesia and began to wander aimlessly.  With the help of the second Human Torch, most of his memory would soon be restored.

Believing (once again) that Humans were the ones responsible for the destruction of Atlantis, Namor waged war on humanity.

Over time, Namor’s fascination with the destruction of humanity wavered and he would turn his attention to the protection of Atlantis as well as the Surface.  He would even go as far joining the most influential characters in the Marvel Universe as a part of the Defenders (Dr. Strange and The Hulk) and the Illuminati (Professor Xavier, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Strange).  Both of these groups would be kept largely secret at the request of Namor.

Ultimately, the Illuminati failed because Iron Man wanted them to register as a part of Civil War and the others opposed it.

Namor has long been considered a ‘Bad Guy’, but as illustrated, he merely is out to protect his people.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Born because of Barry White, Low Lights and some wine
  2. The first Homo Sapien/Homo Mermanus hybrid
  3. Waged war on Humanity over and over again
  4. Former Amnesiac
  5. Would give up his war on Humanity and join the Defenders and Illuminati
  6. Left both groups
  7. Did not want to register

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