July 24, 2017

Giant Size X-Men 1Real Name: Kurt Wagner

First Appearance: Giant Size X-Men #1 (May, 1975)

Powers: Teleportation, Heightened Stealth, Heightened Acrobatic Skills

Affiliation: X-Men, Excalibur

Enemies: Most X-Men Enemies

Love Interests: Amanda Sefton

Did You Know: Nightcrawler has only 3 fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand.  His feet only have 2 toes each!

A Little History

Kurt Wagner was born to the mutant Mystique and her man on the side, Azazel.

Man on the side?

You read that correctly.

Mystique was involved with Baron Christian Wagner and one man just didn’t prove enough for her.

During an intense delivery of Kurt, Mystique lost control of her powers and showed the world that she was a shapeshifter.  To make matters worse, when Kurt came out, he had blazing eyes, blue fur, and a prehensile tale.  The humans took note of this and chased her out of the village (pitchfork and torches style).

She did what any good mother would do and put Kurt in a basket and let him float down the river.  He would be found and brought to a near by town by a woman named Margali Szardos, who coincidentally was a fortune teller in the circus (I’m not making this up).  It was her thought to raise him as her own.

During this time, Kurt became very close friends with Margali’s children, Stefan, and Jimaine.

While living the circus life, Kurt became the star of the show.  After all, it was much easier for him to manoeuvre around the high wires due to his prehensile tail.

How did he escape prejudice due to his looks?

The very intelligent circus goers assumed that Kurt was just an ordinary man, dressed up in a demon costume.

As Kurt became yesterday’s news in the circus, the circus’s owner decided it to be best and get rid of him via a sale.

Fearing what was about to happen to her ‘son’, Margali aided Kurt in his escape.

Nightcrawler Sadly, Kurt was a little clumsy and knocked over a torch, sending the circus in flames.  Knowing that his men would not be able to catch Kurt, the owner decided to take aim and shoot at him.  As one of the bullets was about to get him his mutation kicked in and he was gone!

That’s right!

He teleported the hell out of there and took up refuge in a church.

To stay there, Kurt traded his labour for the shelter.

The circus owner soon took notice of where he was and proceeded to attack the church.  Yes, he ATTACKED THE CHURCH.

Having had some time to work with his powers, Kurt easily subdued all the men.  When he was about to deliver his final blow to the owner, the Father of the Church stepped in and reminded Kurt of the righteous path he had chosen.  This proved to be the perfect opportunity for the owner as he took aim at both Kurt and the Father.  Luckily for both, Professor Charles Xavier stepped in and put an end to everything.


Kurt did what he thought best at the time and sought out his childhood friend, Stefan.  Upon reuniting (and it felt so good), he learned that Stefan had become crazy, killing many people.  Kurt, being a good friend tried to stop him, but unfortunately, during the struggle inadvertently killed him.

The villagers of the….well…village assumed that Kurt was responsible for the deaths and marched on Kurt.  Once again, lucky for him, Professor Xavier intervened.  This would lead to his recruitment to the X-Men.

Kurt would remain a valuable member of the X-Men for quite some time. Once done with that, he would become a founding member of the team, Excalibur (another X-Men spinoff created to profit off the popularity of the X-Men).

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Born to Mystique and Azazel
  2. Giving up a childbirth and found by a fortune teller
  3. He would be raised in the circus life
  4. His childhood best friend was Stefan Szardos
  5. Kurt would be forced out of the circus
  6. During his flee, his mutation manifested for the first time
  7. He would take refuge in a church, only to be found out
  8. He would return to find Stefan, who turned out to be a whacko
  9. Was thought to be responsible for the killings in a village and forced out
  10. Joined the X-Men and became a founding member of Excalibur
  11. Has, like so many other, died and returned in the comics.

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