September 23, 2017

Uncanny X-Men 1Real Name: Charles Francis Xavier

First Appearance: X-Men #1 (September, 1963)

Powers: Mind Reading, Astral Projection, Memory Erasing, Illusion Projection, Can Mentally Control Others, Amongst Many Other Things

Affiliation: X-Men, Illuminati

Enemies: Magneto and other X-Men enemies

Love Interests: Moira MacTaggert, Gabriella Haller

Did You Know: In the Deadpool movie, there is a call out to both Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, who have both played Professor X in their own movies.

A Little History

Ahh…the almighty and powerful Charles Francis Xavier.

He is the son of the…you guessed it…the now deceased Brian and Sharon Xavier.  Brian was a nuclear physicist who worked with another man named Kurt Marko.  During a routine test, an explosion happened and Brian perished.

Kurt, seeing his opportunity to move in on an emotionally unstable woman, consoled and ended up marrying the newly widowed, Sharon Xavier.  Charles, unable to believe what was happening, watched in horror as this Gold Digger moved in on his mom.

Charles had his powers manifest much earlier than traditional mutants and at a very young age, suddenly had the ability to read the mind of others.  He used his powers of telepathy to read the mind of his mother’s new husband, Kurt.  What he found was that Kurt could have saved his father, but chose not to.

After marrying for money, Kurt invited his son, Cain to come and live with them. This was a terrible situation for Charles.

Now you might be thinking that Charles’ luck can’t be this bad can it?

Well, yes it can.

Sharon died shortly thereafter due to alcohol abuse.

It gets worse.  

Charles’ house explodes, killing Kurt and with that, like so many before him, Charles became an orphan.

It was during this time that Charles really begins to play with his powers.  He would use them to get ahead in school, sports, etc…

Eventually, he gives up the cheating, because he sees it as an unfair advantage, which strangely enough, becomes a precursor to his later mission in life.

Oh, before I forget.  It was during this time that Charles became the cue-ball that we all know him as today.

Uncle Sam eventually came calling, with Charles and Cain both answering.   During a mission, they stumbled (not drunkenly) into a cave that contained the mystic Cyttorak Gem, which you don’t need to remember.  In fact, I can barely pronounce it.  Just know this gem turns Cain into the Juggernaut.

As luck would have it, the cave wound up collapsing, trapping the Juggernaut inside while allowing Charles to escape.

At this point, you should be thinking that Charles might just be a bad guy and you would be right, he is.  He left Cain in the cave.

From here, he became a Globetrotter and not in the basketball kind of way.

Professor X 2His exploits became known and he was asked to go to Isreal to help treat Traumatized Holocaust Survivors.  It was here that he would meet his longtime friend and enemy, Max (Magneto).

The two would form bond tighter than crazy glue.

At the time, Charles was dating a woman who wound up kidnapped by Baron Von Strucker. During the rescue mission, Magnus unleashed the full potential of his powers, easily defeating the henchmen and nearly killing Strucker.  This instance was the first time that each of the men put their powers on display in front of each other, almost like the first time you see someone naked.

Wondering how he ended up in a wheelchair?

Wonder no more…

During a mission in the Himalaya’s, Charles was battling an alien named Lucifer, yes, Lucifer.
Professor XCharles would best the alien but not before the alien dropped a huge stone on his legs, crippling him.

This would lead to Charles being called “Wheels” for the rest of his life.

He thus begins his mission to:

  1. Learn more about mutants
  2. Prove that mutants can be good

This is how the X-Men are born.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Born into wealth
  2. Dad died in an explosion
  3. Mom remarried a Gold Digger
  4. Gold Digger and his son moved in
  5. Mom died due to alcohol abuse
  6. Explosion kills Gold Digger
  7. Cain becomes Juggernaut
  8. Befriends Magneto
  9. Stops Magneto from killing Baron Von Strucker
  10. Has stone fall on legs…crippling him
  11. Forms X-Men

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