September 23, 2017

Brave and The Bold 25Real Name: Rick Flag

First Appearance: The Brave and The Bold 25 (September, 1959)

Powers: None. Trained in Military Tactics and Hand-to-Hand Combat.

AffiliationSuicide Squad

Love Interests: Karin Grace (which as you will see, is kind of creepy).

Enemies: Batman, Changing Origin Stories

Did You Know: There are 3 Rick Flag’s in the DC universe: Rick Flag Sr, Rick Flag Jr and Rick Flag III.

A Little History

Rick Flag Sr. was a founding member of the original Suicide Squad. This group comprised of 4 individuals who took up the most dangerous of missions. Their main goal in life was to carry on the work of those who had lost their life in service.

In short, they are the literal version of the Care Bears in the DC Universe.

In the first storyline (before things became confusing), Rick would fall for a woman named Karin Grace. Sadly, due to their allegiance to the Suicide Squad, neither would act on their feelings.

In one mission, Rick Flag and the Squad were set out to drop bombs on the enemy. Rick was the main bomber and his allies were the decoys.

I don’t’ know how someone ends up with decoy duty, but alas, they did.

He watched in horror as one-by-one they dropped from the sky and at that moment he pledged to carry on their work, as a member of the Squad or not.

In 1986, the Squad would be reformed into its more common variation. This group would be composed of various criminals that were granted a pardon for their cooperation.

Rick Flag 1In 1987, things become convoluted and the origin of the Suicide Squad would be reimagined.

The biggest change came in the original form of the members. Instead of the Squad consisting of characters that would give their life for one another, it would now be composed of characters that didn’t care about anything.

This Squad, much like the last version, would eventually disband and Rick would go one to lead a somewhat normal life. He would marry and have a child, Rick Flag Jr.

Shortly after marrying, Rick Flag Jr.’s mother died (like nearly every mother in comics) while saving him from an oncoming car and his father, Rick Flag Sr., died while on a mission.

As a result, Rick Flag Jr. would carry on his father’s mission and join the Squad.

Finally, in yet another retelling of the story, it would be told that Rick Flag Sr. did not actually have a son.

Rick Flag Jr. was actually Anthony Miller, who coincidentally was a brainwashed soldier, told to believe he was Rick Flag. Fortunately, Anthony/Rick was not bothered by this and went on to continue to work of the Suicide Squad.

Rick Flag (whatever incarnation) is the epitome of loyal, what a leader is, as well as brave.

Whatever Rick Flag you choose to follow, know he is one bad mother f@cker. He stands by his virtues and takes his role as a military leader very serious. You’d be best not to cross him.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Like his name, all versions of Rick Flag are badass
  2. Originally a member of the good Suicide Squad
  3. Reimagined as the leader of the Criminal Composed Suicide Squad
  4. Has a child, Rick Flag Jr.
  5. Dies
  6. Rick Flag Jr. carries on his work
  7. Reimagined that Rick Flag Jr. doesn’t actually exist
  8. Named Anthony Miller, who was a brainwashed soldier
  9. Just read above

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