July 24, 2017

X-Men 4Real Name: Wanda Maximoff

First Appearance: X-Men #4 (March, 1964)

Powers: Affects Probability, Manipulates Energy, Chaos Magic (most powerful form of magic),

Affiliation: Avengers, Avengers West Coast, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Lady Liberators, Secret Defenders, X-Men

Enemies: Just about everyone

Love Interests: Vision, Quicksilver???

Did You Know: The Scarlet Witch has been considered a borderline hero.  While her intentions are true, the sheer magnitude of her powers makes many nervous.

A Little History

I have been waiting quite some time now to do a bio on the Scarlet Witch.

By far, she is one of my all time, favorite characters.

Not because she has been around forever, not because she is only a secondary character, not because she married an android and not because she dresses in red.

Simply put, she is powerful and by powerful, I mean, quite possibly the most powerful mutant in the Marvel Universe.

Her early history is identical to her brother, Quicksilver.

Scarlet Witch was born on Wundagore Mountain along with her twin brother.

Wundagore Mountain?

After witnessing the intensity of his temper and the magnitude of his power, their mother, Magda, left her husband Max, who by the way, was Magneto, and fled to this paradise.  At this time Magneto did not know that he had twins.

On Wundagore Mountain, Magda is helped by a half cow, half human creature called Bova.

Yeah, I know, half cow, half human.

That year, Magda was in the running for mother of the year and to cement her victory, after the birth of her children, she ran away leaving the children to be raised by our friend, the cow.

Bova, the half cow creature realizes that the children need to be raised by a human, so she takes them to a nearby village and gives them to a couple by the name of Django and Marya Maximoff.

At this point, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch begin to notice funny things happening to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilverthem.

Aside from the ongoing puberty, she was experiencing, Scarlet Witch begins to notice that she can affect the outcome of events.  To showcase her powers, she decides to save a woman from a falling rock. Naturally, this angers the villagers and they chase the twins out of town.

During the chase, Magneto shows up and saves the two of them.

Being much like normal teenagers, they don’t quite know what they want to be when they grow up.  So they do what any normal person would do and follow their dad like a lost puppy, joining his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

From this point the two of them would leave the Brotherhood and join the Avengers, wanting to do good in the world.

This is where the story of the twins begins to differentiate.

Wanda would come into contact with an individual known as Agatha Harkness and Agatha teaches Wanda how to manipulate Chaos Magic.  Chaos Magic is one of the, if not the most powerful form of magic in the Marvel Universe.  It is so powerful that Wanda learns to create force fields, bring people back from the dead and learns to protect others by manipulating the reality around them.

At this point, she becomes a little strange.  She falls in love and marries a robot.

…and it gets better.  They have kids…

Scarlet WitchHow do they have kids you ask?

Good question.

She manipulates the reality around herself and the Vision of course.

Her kids would go on to be named Wiccan and Speed.

Eventually, her powers begin to wear away at her mental stability, leading her to attack the Avengers.  Not only do her powers eat away at her, but she learns that her kids are actually not real and they are actually an aspect of the Devil of the Marvel Universe, Mephisto. 

I believe, at this point, Wanda held it together quite well.  However, as we all know, good things don’t last forever.  She would end up having a nervous breakdown and kill a few members of the Avengers, most notably, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and the Vision.

Thankfully, she would be taken and locked away.

Time would pass and Charles Xavier (who was treating her) would realize that it was all a waste of time.  This would lead him to call an impromptu meeting that the Avengers and X-Men attend.


Overhearing that they may kill her, Quicksilver convinces her to create an alternate reality where mutants rule.

What you need to know from this story is that Wanda grows tired of the fighting between the mutants and utters the words “No more mutants.”

Poof, with those words, the mutant population falls from over a million to just 198.  The best part about it is that Quicksilver is one of the casualties (oh, by the way, if you want to learn about Quicksilver and my disdain for him, click on his name).

As I write this, Wanda is back on Wundagore Mountain, seeking solitude.

In my mind Scarlet Witch is the most powerful, ticking time bomb in the Marvel Universe and quite frankly, this is what makes her awesome.  At any point, she could explode and crush humanity, yet she chooses not to.

Yes, for the same reasons as Quicksilver, she can be disgusting (incest?), but nonetheless, she is intriguing.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Twin sister to Quicksilver
  2. Born on Wundagore Mountain
  3. Daughter of Magneto
  4. Orphaned at a young age
  5. Can manipulate probability
  6. Under Agatha Harkness becomes a powerful witch
  7. Marries Vision
  8. Two children (Wiccan and Speed)
  9. Children turn out to be a part of Mephisto
  10. Destroys mutant population

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