September 23, 2017

Fury of Firestorm 28Real Name: Christopher Weiss

First Appearance: Fury of Firestorm #28- October 1984

Powers: Trained Assassin, Master of Ropes

AffiliationSuicide Squad, 2000 Committee, Kobra Cult

Love Interests: None

Enemies: Firestorm

Did You Know: Slipknot appears in 2016’s Suicide Squad and is played by Adam Beach. Adam, like my brother and I are proud Manitoban’s!

A Little History

Before I begin, you need to know that I have studied and learned about a number of characters in comic books over the years. All of them pale in comparison to how utterly stupid and ridiculous Slipknot is.

Slipknot grew up idolizing John Wayne and because of this became a master of the lasso and noose. He could hogtie a bull in 2 seconds flat.

He first appeared in Fury of Firestorm #28 back in 1984. His story picks up as an alien known as the Monitor was in conversation with a member of the 2000 committee. The 2000 Committee had a goal in life to take over the U.S. Government and to do so, planned to kidnap the Superhero known as Firehawk.

Head slap, palm to forehead.

Lorraine Reily (the secret identity of Firehawk) realizing that she was in trouble, put out a distress call to Firestorm.

As Firestorm got closer to Firehawk, he found himself trapped inside a lasso. Their captor?

The 2000 Committee Member, Slipknot.

At first, Firestorm found it impossible to escape the knot. Let me explain; Firestorm has powers that do not work against organic matter and Slipknot is a genius who made his lasso out of rawhide.

By some miracle unbeknownst to me, Firestorm managed to escape.

Firehawk attempted to follow and aid Firestorm in his quest to bring down Slipknot but faltered when she fell into a trap that he had left behind.

Proving that you don’t have to be intelligent to be a hero, Firestorm once again found in a noose and tied up by Slipknot. This time, unable to escape, he was pushed off the building. Luckily for him, Serta had just set up shop and had a display model of one of their beds on the street for him to land in.

On the third attempt at bringing down Slipknot, Firestorm showed that he had learned something, and was easily able to subdue him.

Slipknot DCSlipknot appeared out of the blue and because of this readers did not get to learn anything about him.

Eventually, it was revealed that his name was Christopher Weiss and he used to work for a chemical company. He would then apply his chemical knowledge to his ropes, thus making them incredibly strong and sticky.

Oh, the other thing you should know is that Slipknot isn’t too intelligent.

When he was a part of the Suicide Squad, he, like everybody else, had an explosive bracelet attached to his arm. Captain Boomerang, unsure if the bracelet actually exploded, told Slipknot that it didn’t. When he tested the explosiveness, he lost an arm.


Scott’s Notes:

  1. Idolizes John Wayne
  2. Attempts to foil the plans of Firestorm and Firehawk
  3. Catches Firestorm
  4. Firestorm escapes
  5. Catches Firehawk
  6. Firehawk does not escape
  7. Catches Firestorm
  8. Firestorm escapes
  9. Gets caught by Firestorm
  10. Used to work in a chemical factory
  11. Applied knowledge to ropes
  12. Blew off arm
  13. Idiot


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