July 24, 2017

Suicide Squad

Started in 1959, the Suicide Squad was a nickname for a Secret Government Organization called Task Force X. The original 4 members were all people that had been a part of an event in their life that saw them watched others die in a heroic fashion.

  • Colonel Rick Flag watched other members of his team fall in an aerial attack
  • Nurse, Karin Grace was unable to help a wounded soldier and watched them drown.
  • Physicist Jess Bright and Astronomist Hugh Evans managed to escape a near-death experience during a nuclear bomb test

The ongoing theme of the group was to do whatever it took, at whatever cost to serve their fellow man.

In 1963, a variation of the Squad, known as Suicide Squadron launched. This new group did not utilize any of the original group’s members, however, they encountered similar situations.

In 1987, the Suicide Squad launched yet again, this time under the watch of Amanda Waller. This team was led by Rick Flag Junior (the son of an original member, Rick Flag), as well as numerous criminal characters. In exchange for their cooperation in the group, the criminals would receive a shortened prison sentence. As a safety measure, they would be outfitted with collars that would explode if they decided to go rogue.

The original members of this variation included: Rick Flag, Captain Boomerang, The Enchantress, Blockbuster, Deadshot, and Bronze Tiger.

The first mission saw them successfully defeat a villain called Brimstone. This victory, however came at a cost; Blockbuster perished. This is important in the history of the Squad, as now the name Suicide Squad rang true. This version was a version where members could actually be killed.

Because of the chance of members being killed, the Suicide Squad has had a revolving door of members.

Once again, in 2001, the Suicide Squad got another makeover.

The premise of this Squad was much the same as others, except that Rick Flag had been replaced by Rock (a hero of many DC War Stories) and his military friend, Bulldozer.

Finally, in 2011, the Suicide Squad underwent one more change.

After having to put a colleague out of their misery during a failed mission, Amanda Waller decided to form the Squad one more time. This time, the Squad would be made up of people that she deemed completely expendable.

In the 2016 Movie the characters are as follows:

Captain Boomerang


El Diablo

The Enchantress

Harley Quinn


Killer Croc

Rick Flag



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