February 20, 2018

Black Manta (History) – Comic Basics

January 5, 2018 Joel Scott 0

Black Manta Real Name: David Hyde First Appearance: Aquaman #35 (September, 1968) Powers: Energy Blasts, , Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability. High Level of Martial Art Ability, One of the Best Swimmers in Comics, Enabled […]

Namor (History) – Comic Basics

September 21, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Namor Real Name: Namor McKenzie First Appearance: Motion Picture Funnies Weekly- 1939 Powers: Superhuman Strength, Stamina, and Durability.  Can Swim at Speeds of 60mph. Can Fly and Withstand Hypothermic Conditions Underwater. Affiliation: Cabal, Illuminati, Defenders, Avengers, X-Men. […]

Aquaman (History) – Comic Basics

August 19, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Aquaman Real Name: Arthur Curry First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73 (November, 1941) Powers: Strength, Stamina, Agility, Healing, Telepathy and Mind Control of Aquatic Animals. Affiliation: Justice League of America Love Interests: Mera Enemies: Black Manta […]

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