February 24, 2018


February 6, 2018 Joel Scott 0

Thunderbolts Name: Thunderbolts Founding Members: Baron Zemo, Goliath, Beetle, Fixer, Screaming Mimi First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #449 (January, 1997) Created By: Kurt Busiek, Mark Bagley Did You Know: The Thunderbolts are a team of villains disguised […]

Masters of Evil

January 25, 2018 Joel Scott 0

Masters of Evil Name: Masters of Evil Founding Members: Baron Heinrich Zemo, Radioactive Man, Melter, and Black Knight First Appearance: Avengers #6 (July, 1964) Created By: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby Did You Know: The Avengers member, […]

Bucky Barnes (History) – Comic Basics

November 1, 2017 Joel Scott 1

Bucky Barnes Real Name: James Buchanan Barnes First Appearance: Captain America (March, 1941) Powers: Now real powers. Highly trained in combat and weaponry. Master assassin Affiliation: Liberty Legion, Kid Commandos, Invaders, Young Allies Enemies:  Red […]

Baron Zemo (History) – Comic Basics

August 19, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Baron Zemo Real Names: Helmut and Heinrich Zemo First Appearance: Heinrich – Avengers #4 (March, 1964) First Appearance: Helmut – Captain America 168 (December, 1973) Powers: Slowed Aging,  Gifted scientist, Marksman, and Swordsman Affiliation: Thunderbolts, Masters of Evil Love […]

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