February 24, 2018

Death of Captain America

November 7, 2017 Jeff Scott 0

Death of Captain America Civil War Leading up to the Death of Captain America storyline was the famed Marvel event, Civil War. The Civil War was made up of two, once friends, turned enemies due […]

Bucky Barnes (History) – Comic Basics

November 1, 2017 Joel Scott 1

Bucky Barnes Real Name: James Buchanan Barnes First Appearance: Captain America (March, 1941) Powers: Now real powers. Highly trained in combat and weaponry. Master assassin Affiliation: Liberty Legion, Kid Commandos, Invaders, Young Allies Enemies:  Red […]

Red Skull (History) – Comic Basics

September 20, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Red Skull Real Name: Johann Schmidt First Appearance: Captain America Comics 1 (March, 1941) Powers: The Red Skull possesses no true powers.  He is an elite strategist in all forms (military, political, corporate, etc…) Affiliation: HYDRA, […]

Captain America (History) – Comic Basics

August 19, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Captain America Real Name: Steve Rogers First Appearance: Captain America (March, 1941) Powers: Increased Strength, Speed, and Agility (due to Super Soldier Serum) Affiliation: Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Defenders Enemies: Hydra, A.I.M, Crossbones, Batroc the Leaper, Baron Blood, […]

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