February 20, 2018

John Romita Jr

January 19, 2018 Jeff Scott 0

John Romita Jr How does someone follow in their famous father’s footsteps? I mean, John Romita Sr. was and is a legendary artist known for his breathtaking work and ability to tell a story through […]

Frank Miller

October 18, 2017 Jeff Scott 0

Frank Miller Born on January 27, 1957, Olney Maryland. Frank Miller grew up a comic book fan so the transition from a fan to becoming a writer was a natural fit. In the early part […]

Daredevil Born Again

October 14, 2017 Jeff Scott 0

Daredevil Born Again Daredevil Born Again was a story written by Frank Miller and drawn by David Mazzucchelli. The comic book story took place during Daredevil issues 227-233. This central theme of the story is […]

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