February 17, 2018

Iron Fist vs Spider-Man

December 12, 2016 Jeff Scott 0

Iron Fist vs Spider-Man I thought with the new Iron Fist Netflix series launching, coupled with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, I would take the opportunity to let these two characters shine in the spotlight. […]

Chris Claremont

September 29, 2016 Joel Scott 0

Chris Claremont Claremont was born November 25, 1950 in London, England and, at a very young age moved to the United States. While most of the children his age found themselves watching and listening to […]

Ed Brubaker

June 14, 2016 Joel Scott 0

Ed Brubaker Beginning his career in the late 1980’s, Brubaker got his start, not solely as a comic book writer, but a cartoonist. Initially, he began by writing and drawing for Blackthorne Comics. His rise […]

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