July 21, 2017

Kraven The Hunter

May 25, 2017 Jeff Scott 0

Kraven The Hunter Real Name: Sergei Kravinoff First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #15 (August, 1954) Powers: Hunter, Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina, and Durability, Affiliation: Sinister Six Love Interests: Sasha Aleksandra Nikolaevich Enemies: Spider-Man Did You Know: That Kraven […]

The Scorpion

May 8, 2017 Jeff Scott 0

Real Name: Mac Gargan First Appearance (as Scorpion): The Amazing Spider-Man #20 (January, 1965) Powers: Strength, Speed, Durability, Scorpion Sense, Wears a scorpion suit with a weapon-like tail on the end   Affiliation: Dark Avengers, Sinister […]


April 5, 2017 Jeff Scott 0

Real Name: Adrian Toomes First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (May, 1963) Powers: Heightened Physical Strength, Durability, Speed, Agility, and is a Highly Skilled Engineer Affiliation: Sinister Six Love Interests: n/a Enemies: Spider-Man Did You Know: Michael […]

Iron Fist vs Spider-Man

December 12, 2016 Jeff Scott 0

I thought with the new Netflix series coming up with Iron Fist to making its first appearance and the launching of Spider-man Homecoming why not let these two share a moment in the spotlight. Iron […]

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