February 24, 2018

Len Wein

January 31, 2018 Jeff Scott 0

Len Wein The creator of Wolverine, Len Wein was born June 12, 1948, in New York City. 15 years later, during his time in high school, he began to realize how far the potential he […]

Black Panther (History) – Comic Basics

December 18, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Black Panther Real Name: T’Challa First Appearance: Fantastic Four #52 (July, 1966) Powers: As a by-product of the Heart-Shaped Herb, T’Challa’s physical attributes and senses are heightened to that of a superhuman. Affiliation: Avengers, Pendragons, […]

Storm (History) – Comic Basics

September 23, 2017 Joel Scott 0

Storm Real Name: Ororo Munroe First Appearance: Giant Size X-Men #1 (May, 1975) Powers:  Can control and manipulate the weather. Flight. Affiliation: X-Men Enemies: Most X-Men enemies, Shadow King Love Interests: Forge, Black Panther Did […]

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