September 23, 2017

Strange Adventures 187Real Name: June Moone

First Appearance: Strange Adventures #187 (April, 1966)

Powers: Unlimited Magical Powers, Energy Projection and Manipulation, Illusion Casting and All Other Magic-Type Things

AffiliationSuicide Squad, Sentinels of Magic, Justice League Dark

Enemies: Batman, Supergirl

Did You Know: The Enchantress and its host body, June Moone are two separate entities

A Little History

June Moone (The Enchantress) is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe and as such, has a tremendous appeal to fans. Much like Deadshot, The Punisher, KatanaDaredevil and Elektra, she does take the side of good or evil.

Her counterpart, June Moone is a Freelance artist.

One day while out with her boyfriend, she stumbled across a Griffin and a Gargoyle. Initially, they were taken back by the sight of the monsters, but they soon remembered that they were on their way to a Halloween Costume Party.

At this point and in fear of being ridiculed for not having a costume, the two decided that they too would get Halloween Costumes.

Bizarre events started to unravel when a genius decided that it would be in their best interest to strike a gong. Upon striking the gong, a Minotaur stitched into an old tapestry began to glow. June, now separated from Allan, fell through a secret panel within the wall and found herself inside a hidden room.

Inside the room, June was confronted by a number of interesting creatures, one of which was a Giant Red Head with Arms that talked to her. June naturally assumed that the room was decorated this way for the party and as such, was unfazed.

Enchantress 1Now, I can’t speak for you, but if I saw a Giant Red Head with Arms flailing about, I think I would but a little concerned; especially if it started to talk to me.

The head told June of an evil that had been brought to life and that it was up to her to stop it. She was then instructed to utter the word “Enchantress”.

Am I the only one who would be concerned with taken instructions by a Giant Red Head?

She said the word and at that moment was transformed into The Enchantress (a being with incredible power and a snazzy new look).

Noticing that the host felt that she was ungrateful and not attending, she returned to the party.

As she approached the party, she watched as its guests attempted to flee. With all the running, the foundation began to give and the roof started to collapse. Immediately, The Enchantress tested the extent of her powers and made a suit of armour grow so that it would hold up the roof.

Just as the guests continued to clear out, the hands of the Minotaur emerged and they began to attack the guests.

Enchantress 2Not appearing stupid, she remembered that the gong initiated the Minotaur and banged it again, dispelling it.

With everyone in the clear, she returned to her June Moone form.

Interestingly enough, The Enchantress in her debut was a hero, but over time has transformed into more of a villain. By 1987, she had joined the  with the promise that they would be able to control the evil Enchantress that resided within her, which of course, never happened.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. June Moone was on a date with her boyfriend
  2. Noticed a couple of creatures
  3. Decided to join Halloween Party
  4. Fell through a trap in the wall
  5. A Giant Red Head talked to her
  6. Turned in The Enchantress
  7. Returned to the party and subdued the evil
  8. Slapped the genius who hit the gong
  9. Was once a hero, then a villain, now nobody actually knows.

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