July 24, 2017

Fantastic Four 1Real Name: Benjamin Jacob Grimm

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1 (November, 1961)

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Durability, Stamina, Resistance to Sensory and Temperature Extremes

Affiliation: Fantastic Four

Love Interests: Alynn Cambers, Dr. Linda McGill

Enemies: Doctor Doom, Galactus, Mole Man, Skrulls

Did you know: Ben Grimm is an accomplished Pilot.

A Little History

It’s Clobberin’ Time

Ben Grimm grew up in a troubled life.  His father was a drunk and his older brother led a local gang.  In fact, because of his father’s inability to hold down a job, much of the family income would come from his brother’s criminal ways.

For a short time, all was as well as it could be in the Grimm household.  It would turn for the worse when Ben’s brother was killed leaving Ben to take up his spot in the gang.  Ben rose to prominence within the gang and eventually became its leader.  While it does not say in the comics, I personally believe he won them over with Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Who doesn’t like Chocolate Chip Cookies?

However, his parents would be killed in an accident, leaving Ben to be raised by his Aunt and Uncle, who lived on the other side of the city.  Because of the move, Ben would renounce his position within the gang and move.

Thing 2Ben found his new parents to be very tough, but over time, their affection would sway his feelings.  One could say that they even saved him from what would surely become a life of crime.  Under their guidance, Ben would finish High School and receive a scholarship to State University.

It was at State University that Ben would become friends with his new roommate, Reed Richards.  Reed had high aspirations to make a spaceship and go to space.  In a little bit of foreshadowing, Ben jokingly stated that if Reed built it, he would fly it.

If you know what The Thing looks like, you should know that he is not easy on the eyes. Before his transformation, Ben did whatever he could to find love.  He fell deeply in love with a girl named, Alynn Cambers and even proposed to her!  Sadly, she flat out rejected him.

After University, Ben would join the Military to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot.  Ben would spend a little time in the military and be eventually approached by Reed Richards to fly his newly built spaceship.

Like any good pilot, Ben did a walk around and determined that the ship was unable to withstand any sort of cosmic radiation.  Sue Storm, (Reed’s Girlfriend) used her ‘womanly’ powers to convince him otherwise and off they went.

As they say, the rest is history.

The ship would be subjected to cosmic radiation.

The ship, as Ben thought, could not withstand the radiation and Ben ended up on the short end of the stick, being transformed into a rock creature.Thing 1

Ben might very well be the most interesting member of the Fantastic Four.  Like the others, he fights for good, but unlike the others, he can’t turn his powers off.  He has to live with looking different than everybody else.

Ben is the true definition of the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Drunk Father
  2. Criminal Brother
  3. Brother dies
  4. Ben takes his place
  5. Parents die and he moves across town
  6. Attends State University
  7. Befriends Reed Richards
  8. Pilots Reed‘s plane into space
  9. Bombarded with Cosmic Radiation
  10. Becomes The Thing



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