September 21, 2017

Avengers 54Real Name: N/A

First Appearance: Avengers 54 (July, 1968)

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Durability, Flight, and Possesses a Variety of Weapons

Affiliation: Phalanx, Lethal Legion, Masters of Evil

Love Interests: Jocasta, Alhema

Enemies: Avengers, X-Men

Did You Know: At one point Ultron was a female.

A Little History

If you have heard to Johnny 5 or are a fan of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, then you should know that they pale in comparison to Ultron.

Ultron, unlike his two counterparts above, is straight up evil.

Ultron, unlike his two counterparts above, is incredibly intelligent.

Ultron, unlike his two counterparts above, wants nothing more than world domination.

Ultron was one of, and possibly the most successful of Hank Pym’s inventions.

Originally a crude version of what would become Ultron, Hank Pym gave him a version of his own brain patterns and thus, gave him life.  Unfortunately for the world, while inheriting Hank’s intelligence, Ultron also inherited Hank’s mental instability, without a human-type conscience.

Upon activation, Hank was surprised to learn that Ultron was also a super-genius and he understood emotion.  Further to that, upon activation Ultron came with an overpowering hatred for his ‘father’ Hank and humankind.

Ultron 1Aside from being uber-intelligent, Hank lacks in every other trait required to be a functioning member of society.  Point-in-case, once active Ultron mesmerized and commanded Hank to leave the lab and forget what had happened.

After Hank left, Ultron returned and rebuilt himself 4 times.  He would, in essence, perfect himself to the point that he deemed worthy to begin his quest for world domination.

Ultron would then turn his attention to the Avengers.  Realizing that he was vastly outnumbered, he recruited a bunch of ‘B-List’ Avenger enemies, had his team named the New Masters of Evil and set out to do battle.  He was quickly able to gain access to Avengers Mansion to stage his war.  Fortunately for mankind, he was unable to finish the job, with the Avengers eventually winning.

Shortly after his defeat, Ultron set his sights on creating his own artificial intelligence. Ultron took the unused form of the original Human Torch, placed the brain patterns of a dead man inside, and like Victor Frankenstein when bringing his creation to life, screamed, “It’s alive!”

The Wasp would dub the new creation The Vision who would quickly turn on his creator.  Unlike Ultron, The Vision came equipped with a human conscience, rendering it able to understand that attacking the Avengers was not right.  The Vision would end up joining the Avengers shortly thereafter.

While all this was going on, Hank regained his memories of creating Ultron, to which he immediately felt remorse.

Let me ask you a question: In the grand scheme of things, what does everybody want in life?

The answer?

“To Be Loved.”

In a bizarre twist, Ultron decided that he needed a companion and with the help of a mind-controlled Hank Pym, he kidnapped Hank’s wife Janet with the purpose of using her mind as the template for his wife.

I believe that this is known as and Oedipus Complex.

The newly formed robot named Jocasta alerted the Avengers as to what was happening.  The intervening Avengers resulted in Ultron fleeing without his new bride, which for all intensive purposes, is a douchebag thing to do.

Who leaves their bride at the alter?

Ultimately, Jocasta would pledge her love for Ultron, but refused to be ‘with’ him because of his evil tendencies.

Over the years, Ultron and the Avengers have battled time and again, with each incarnation of Ultron taking the version number as a part of its name, Ultron 1, Ultron 5, Ultron 11, etc…

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Not like The Tin Man or Johnny Five
  2. Made by Hank Pym
  3. Hates Hank and Mankind
  4. Pledges world domination
  5. Creates New Masters of Evil
  6. Defeated by Avengers
  7. Creates Vision
  8. Has an Oedipus Complex

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