July 24, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man 300Real Name: Eddie Brock

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man 18 (September, 1986) as Eddie Brock. Amazing Spider-Man 300 (May, 1988) as Venom, First Full Appearance

Powers: Has Spider-Man like powers as long as the symbiote is attached to his body. Can shoot strands of an alien substance (webs) that can travel at far distances. Also has a “Spider-Sense” like ability to sense when danger is near.

Affiliation: Formerly Sinister Six

Love Interest: Deceased Ex Wife, Anne Weying

Enemies: Spider-Man, Carnage,, Metal Music, Church Bells

Did You Know: In the Spider-Man, The Animated Series, Venom was voiced by Hank Azaria; the same voice who does many beloved Simpsons characters such as Moe and Apu.

There have been numerous incarnations of the Venom Symbiote.

A Little History

For the purpose of this biography, I will be focusing on the Eddie Brock version of Venom.

Riddle me this: What do you get when you cross an alien organism, a little bit of insanity and an insanely muscled man?

The Answer: Venom.

Eddie Brock was your average journalist whose job was to cover local stories for the newspaper he worked for.  A little down on his luck, he turned to writing inaccurate stories of murder.  All was well for Eddie and he began to receive recognition for his work.

Sadly, this would not last.  Spider-Man would expose him for what he was; a fraud.  The stories that he was writing were untrue and Eddie became the laughing stock of the paper and was fired.  To make matters worse, his wife, not wanting to be with a loser, would leave him.

Have you ever watched someone shake their fist in the air, while vowing revenge? Eddie did exactly this while claiming his failure was due to Spider-Man and not his lying.

Around this time, Spider-Man had undergone a costume and personality change.  He was currently wearing the nearly as famous as his Blue and Red Costume, The Black Symbiote Costume.

During Spider-Man’s time with the Symbiote costume, it became apparent to him that the costume was consuming him.  Spider-Man wanted nothing to do with it and removed it one of the only ways that a man could, through the use of loud sounds.  Spider-Man went to a church and when the bells rang, the Symbiote detached itself from him.

Now weakened, the Symbiote crawled down the walls of the church and attached itself to a new host, Eddie Brock, who was there begging for forgiveness.

Venom 2Eddie Brock had everything that the Symbiote was looking for:

  • A mountain of a man – Check
  • A hatred for Spider-Man – Check
  • An emotional wreck – Double Check

The two of them would form the creature known as Venom.

Venom quickly became one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes.

He knew all of his secrets, including his identity!

With this information intact, Eddie began to do everything he could to provoke Spider-Man.  This included kidnapping Mary-Jane, Spider-Man’s girlfriend.  However, the Symbiote, with its newfound morality (because of its time with Spider-Man) would not allow any harm to come to her.

Spider-Man, aware of what would stop the Symbiote, raced over to the Headquarters of the Fantastic Four, and retrieved a ‘Sonic (not the Hedgehog) Blaster.’

With this weapon in tow, he headed for a showdown with Eddie.

Proving that even Scientists make mistakes, the blaster proved ineffective against Venom.  The bond between Eddie and the Symbiote was too strong.

VenomEventually, unlike Spider-Man’s web which is manufactured, Eddie’s webbing was depleted and as a consequence, the Symbiote weakened.  Acting before the Symbiote could regenerate, Spider-Man took it and Eddie to the Fantastic Four, who like a Christmas present, wrapped him up and sent him to a super-prison known as The Vault.

Eddie Brock/Venom has often been found on both sides of the coin.  He is a villain and a hero at the same time.

During the course of his history, he has been Spider-Man’s fiercest enemy in some instances, and his most ‘trusted’ ally in others.  While Eddie has an unrefutable hatred for Spider-Man, the Symbiote is much like an abused lover always willing to forgive and get back together; it has a soft spot for him.

It is this dynamic that has made him one of the most celebrated Spider-Man foes since his introduction all those years ago.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. An average journalist who used lies to progress his career
  2. Is exposed (not in the naked kind of way) at being a fraud by Spider-Man
  3. Begins training in the gym to bulk up
  4. Spider-Man finds a way to remove the newly bonded Symbiote from himself
  5. Symbiote bonds with Eddie
  6. Eddie confronts Mary Jane
  7. Spider-Man finds himself in a predicament, unable to best Eddie
  8. Luckily, forces Symbiote to use much of its power
  9. Sends Eddie to prison

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